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The Palisades Neighborhood's northern boundary is Trails Road, extending on to Government Way to form the eastern boundary. The boundary continues west at I-90 to Highway 2, continues west at Highway 2 to Hayford Road, north to Trails Road.



The majority of the area is serviced by the City of Spokane; the exceptions are Balmer Gardens, a Group B Community Water System that serves a small population directly east of Airway Heights (14 Department of Health (DOH)approved services) and the Hilltop Motel and Trailer Park, a Group A Community Water System, located east of the City of Spokane and north of Highway 2 with 46 DOH-approved connections.

Fire District

Fire District #10 serves the Palisades subarea.


The Highway 2 Corridor is serviced by the City of Spokane while the other areas utilize septic tanks.


There are some wetland on private property within the boundaries of the subarea.

Present Zoning

Multiple zoning classifications.

Land Use Classes

There are several land use designations within the boundaries of the Palisades Subarea. Among these are rural conservation, rural traditional, rural-5, low density residential, community commercial, light industrial and a community center.

Generalized Land Use

The current land use within the Palisades Subarea is primarily rural, with commercial land uses along the Highway 2 Corridor and the Hayford Road Area east of the City of Airway Heights.


Hazelwood Dairy Ruins

The site is not within the boundary of the subarea but is contiguous to the southwest corner of the area. The site is located on the northwest corner of Highway 2 and Hayford Road. Built in 1913 by dairymen and brothers-in-law John L. Smith and David and George Brown, the concrete Hazelwood Farms silo was constructed to replace an earlier silo struck and destroyed by lightning. Smith's dairy operation was known as Hazelwood Farms and Dairy and was the second largest dairy in the country during the early 1900s. Hazelwood Farms introduced a number of innovations to the dairy business including wrapped butter, pasteurized cream, baby formula and an extensive program to encourage sanitary dairy practices. The dairy cattle specially bred by John Smith became the core of the Carnation Milk Company's world-famous Holstein herd in Seattle. Hazelwood Farms' only remaining building is the concrete silo that represents pioneer settlement of the area and the early dairy business in Spokane County.

Occident School House

Located on the southeast corner of Greenwood and Grove Roads, the Occident School House was built in 1890 and is one of the best remaining examples of a one-room schoolhouse in Spokane County.

Building Conditions

The area is primarily rural with good housing stock and no evidence of dilapidation.


The Palisades neighborhood contains the Rimrock Conservation Area (8 acres), acquired with conservation futures money in 1994. This area contains Rimrock View Shed and key wildlife corridors running from Palisades Park East to Indian Canyon and the Spokane River. There are year-round wetlands on Greenwood Road.