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Spokane County FAQs

The following is a list general Spokane County FAQs. Spokane County provides a wide variety of public services and therefore many FAQs are department specific and may not make sense out of context. Please select a department from the drop down list to view department specific FAQs.

Can I view the Spokane County Code online?

This online edition of the Spokane County Code is provided as a convenience and is available for viewing online.  The code is updated on a quarterly basis. 

Does Spokane County have a Noise Ordinance?

Spokane County has adopted an ordinance regulating noise disturbances in the unincorporated areas of Spokane County. The Spokane County Noise Disturbance Ordinance can be found in Chapter 6.12 of the Spokane County Code. Read more about Noise Disturbances in Spokane County

How do I find the sales tax rate for an address or location within Spokane County?

The Washington State Department of Revenue provides a website to help you find the appropriate sales and use tax rates for your location. You can search by address or use a map to pinpoint your location. Please see http://dor.wa.gov/content/findtaxesandrates/salesandusetaxrates/lookupataxrate/


How do I get to the Courthouse?

What are the hours of operation?

The hours of operation vary from department to department. Please visit the site of the specific department you need.

Where do I check to see if I have missing money or unclaimed property?

Visit the State Department of Revenue site for unclaimed property searching.

Where do I get information about birth/death records for Spokane County?

The Spokane Regional Health District can provide you with information about, and copies of birth and death records for Spokane County.

Where do I get information about burning restrictions information, wood stoves, etc.?

The Spokane County Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency and the Building and Planning Department can provide you with information about current burning restrictions, wood stoves and other general information about air pollution concerns in our area.

Where do I get information about gun carrying permits?

Information about gun carrying permits can be accessed by calling (509) 625-4037.

Where do I get information about obtaining food handler/food establishment permits?

The Spokane Regional Health District can provide you with information about food handler and food establishment permits.

Where do I get information about plumbing code requirements/inspections?

The Building and Planning Division of the Spokane County can provide you with information about plumbing code requirements/inspections, and pre-construction conferences