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Biosolids Management 

What are Biosolids?
Biosolids are the nutrient rich organic product of wastewater treatment. A beneficial resource, biosolids contain essential plant nutrients and organic matter. Biosolids are typically recycled as a fertilizer and soil amendment.
Spokane County receives Final Coverage under the General Permit for Biosolids Management (September 2011)
·             General Permit
·             General Permit Application
·             Notice of DNS & Application
·             DNS & SEPA Environmental Checklist
Biosolids Management Planning
Spokane County has prepared several planning documents relating to the beneficial reuse of biosolids produced in our new Water Reclamation Facility. Further investigations and implementation activities are ongoing. See the documents below for details of the many options the County may explore as we continually develop our program.
·             Final Biosolids Management Plan
·             Biosolids Management Plan Presentation
·             Environmental Checklist & DNS
·             Newsletter – Apr 2008
County contracts to compost biosolids
Spokane County has contracted with CH2M Hill & Barr-Tech to further treat our biosolids into Class A compost. See the link below to visit Barr-Tech’s new facility web site.
Northwest Biosolids Association
Spokane County is a member of the Northwest Biosolids Association (NBMA). Their purpose is to share knowledge about biosolids management between member agencies and companies; local, state and federal regulators; and the general public. See the link below to visit the NBMA web site.