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A Better Corrections System Ensures Our Safety

Spokane County Detention Services Project Center
Lt. Michael Sparber, Project Manager
Address any questions to:
Sr. Tech Asst Karen Westberg

Click here to watch the Video - Ensuring Public Safety

The Community Corrections/Geiger Replacement is a comprehensive, 25 year plan that will do several things:

  • Solve a chronic and dangerous overcrowding situation at the Spokane County Jail.
  • Create an innovative Community Corrections Center to house anti-recidivism programs.
  • Replace an aging, unsafe WWII era Army barracks that was never designed to be a jail.
  • Reduce criminal justice operations costs.

The safety of jail staff, inmates and the public is being compromised because of more inmates and reduced capacity. Larger inmate numbers also compounds problems associated with operational inefficiencies and outdated security systems. Our goal is to develop programs and facilities that provide maximum safety standards for the public, staff, and offenders while ensuring that taxpayers’ public safety dollars are wisely spent.

Relieving overcrowding at the existing Spokane County Jail is paramount. The jail was built to house 472 inmates.  It was retrofitted in 1990 to accommodate populations up to 675, but that means double bunking with many inmates sleeping on the floor.  It is estimated that inmate numbers will increase at a rate of between 40 to 65 beds per year depending on improvements made to the overall justice system.

The jail was designed for “Direct Supervision,” but the continued population growth requires inmates to be locked down for extended periods and allowed out in small groups. This necessary change also increased the amount of staff needed to ensure a safe environment for both inmates and officers. The jail frequently reaches a critical situation where it violates Spokane County’s Ordinance Standards for correctional facilities.

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