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No Shooting Area Established on DNR Land off Thierman Rd
Christensen Road Bridge Project Awarded to Airway Heights Company
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Construction Services

Recognizing that road construction projects throughout the greater Spokane area impact motorists in our region, Spokane County, the City of Spokane, the City of Spokane Valley and the WA State Department of Transportation/Eastern Region all provide information and maps showing road construction you will encounter this year.  Thank you for your patience during the 2013 construction season.   To learn more about other regional construction projects and schedules, please visit:

City of Spokane Construction Services
City of Spokane Valley Construction
WA State Dept of Transportation - Eastern Region

Spokane County Current Projects

Land Surveying

  • Right of Way Location
  • GLO Retracements
  • GPS Networking
  • Records/ROS/Notes

Construction within Right-of-Way

  • Inspection
  • Utility Coordination

General Operations

Road Obstruction Permit Forms

Informational Brochures

Paul Lennemann, P.E., Construction Engineer
Dave Berto, P.L.S., Survey Section Manager