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Exemption Program

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 Senior/Disabled Exemption Application Form

How to Steps

Seniors residing in Spokane County, who are interested in applying for an exemption, can click on the link below and print out the application.

  • Fill in the application according to the instructions that are attached to the application.
  • Sign the application with a witness to verify your signature.
  • Attach all supporting documentation.

Mail to the assessor's office at:


Spokane County Assessor
Exemption Section
1116 W Broadway Ave
Spokane, WA 99260-0010


Senior Citizen and Disabled Person Exemption Application for Property Taxes Due in 2016

Senior Citizen and Disabled Person Exemption Application for Property Taxes Due in 2015

Senior Citizen and Disabled Person Exemption Application for Property Taxes Due in 2014

Senior Citizen and Disabled Person Exemption Application for Property Taxes Due in 2013

Get AcrobatPDF Document These items are PDF documents and you must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to view them. Click on the icon to the right to begin the free download.

Comparison between 1999 through 2004 tax Year and 2005 Tax year document

Click Here to download the legislative changes affecting income limits in the exemption program.  View differences between the 1999 through 2004 Tax Years and the new program income limits beginning in the 2005 Tax Year.

Mailing Address Change Form


The actual cost of substantial improvement to eligible historic property (25% or greater of the assessed value prior to rehabilitation) may be excluded from assessed value for a period of ten years. Applications are furnished by the Assessor. Approval is made by the local Historical Preservation Board within each jurisdiction.  Helpful forms, brochures, and an overall picture of the program can be found at:

PHYSICAL IMPROVEMENT to Single Family Dwelling (RCW 84.36.400)

Exempts from taxation any physical improvement to a detached single family dwelling for three assessment years subsequent to completion of the improvement, up to 30% of the value of the original structure. This home improvement exemption may be claimed only once in a 5-year period. Normal maintenance work does not qualify. Notice to claim the exemption must be filed with the Assessor PRIOR to completion of the improvement.

MULTIPLE-UNIT EXEMPTION for Urban Centers (RCW 84.14)

Either new or rehabilitated structures having 4 or more dwelling units within a defined urban center may receive exemption on the improvement value for a period of ten years.   For more information go to:

City of Spokane Ordinance C-32575

Exemptions for Other Property


RCW 84.36.010 allows exemption of taxes to all publicly-owned property, such as that of the federal, state, county or city governments and certain tribal lands. This exemption is determined by the Assessor.


All parcels of real and personal property that individually have an assessed value of less than $500 are exempt from property taxation. This exemption is determined by the Assessor.


Many church properties and a variety of properties owned/used by nonprofit organizations may qualify for property tax exemption. Requirements for exemption vary for these nonprofit properties, but are generally based on the activities for which the property is used.

Examples of activities that may qualify for nonprofit exemption include: property used in character building, benevolent, protective or rehabilitative social services, camp facilities, veterans and relief organizations; libraries, orphanages; day care centers, nursing homes and hospitals; schools and colleges; art, scientific and historical collections, fire companies, humane societies, musical and artistic associations, public assembly halls, certain public authorities and sheltered workshops for the disabled.

Nonprofit exemptions are determined by the Property Tax Division of the Washington State Department of Revenue. A detailed application must be made by the nonprofit organization to receive exemption. Churches or other qualifying nonprofits do not receive this exemption automatically. To apply for property tax exemption, a church or nonprofit organization should contact the Exemption Section at the Property Tax Division in Olympia at (360) 570-5871.