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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where do I report a juvenile runaway?

Call Crime Check anytime to do a report over the phone. When the runaway returns call back to cancel the report.

Why does a Crime Check call receiver take my report by phone?

The Police Department and the Sheriff's Office contract with Crime Check to write some types of police reports.

Why can't 911/Crime Check call receivers tell me if someone has a warrant?

911/ Crime Check call receivers are not authorized to give out warrant information over the phone. Call receivers can take the information on who you believe has the warrant, where the suspect currently is, and pass it on to police and sheriff's dispatchers for whatever action is appropriate.

Is making a report the same as "pressing charges"?

When you make a police report, you indicate to law enforcement that you want to press charges for the crime. Charges are "pressed" when sufficient evidence exists for the prosecutor to file the charge. Not all reports will conclude with charges being pressed.

What information would be helpful to gather (if possible) before calling to make my police report?

When you call to make a police report, the call receiver you speak to will try to get as much information as possible to give investigators a greater chance for follow-up.

  • Serial numbers, or owner-applied identification, (for instance, you engraved your name or social security number on your property).
  • If there was a witness, Crime Check will ask for the witness’ full name, date of birth, street address and phone number.
  • For stolen or damaged items:
    • Color of the item.
    • Brand name.
    • Make/model.
    • Serial number, if any.
    • Estimated current value of the item (For instance, what could you sell the item for at a yard sale?).

How do I add information to my report?

You may contact Crime Check anytime at 509.456.2233, however call volume is usually highest between 3:00 PM and 9:00 PM Monday through Friday. Calls are answered in the order received.

What happens with my report now?

Whether you e-filed or phoned in your report information, once a report number has been assigned it is:

  1. Reviewed for completeness by the on-duty supervisor.
  2. Sent to the Records Department.
  3. Sent to Case-Screening where reports are evaluated for follow-up.

Are 911/Crime Check call receivers Law Enforcement?

No, call receivers are civilian employees of Spokane County.

Can 911/Crime Check call receivers give legal advice?

No, call receivers are not allowed to give legal advice. In some situations you might be told that your situation seems civil (vs. criminal) and it will be suggested that you seek legal advice.

Who else might I notify about the loss or theft of personal information, such as a driver’s license, Social Security card, checks, and credit or debit cards?

  • Credit Cards: Visa Mastercard
  • American Express: 800.441.0519
  • Discover Card: 800-Discover 800.347.2683
  • Banks (Debit Cards/checks), Department Store Cards-call the issuer directly.
  • Experian: 800.301.7195
  • TransUnion: 800.680.7289
  • Social Security Office: 800.772.1213
  • Video rental cards stolen (Hastings, Blockbuster, Premier, etc...) call the business directly.

Call your cell service provider and ask them to shut off the service to your lost or stolen phone. Provide the cell company with the date and time you knew you last had the phone and ask them to check for any outgoing calls made from your cell phone after it was lost or stolen. Ask them to send you the list of any such calls. Once you have the list, either mail or fax the list to the records department to be attached to your report as evidence.

Fax to: 509.477.4059
Mail to: Records Department
PSB-1, 1116 W Broadway Ave.
Spokane, WA. 99260-0001

Make sure to write your full name, address, phone and report numbers on each page of the list you send in.

How do I get a copy of my police report?

Requests may be faxed, mailed or emailed to the SPD Records office.

Mail to: Records Department
PSB-1, 1116 W Broadway Ave.
Spokane, WA. 99260-0001

Fax Number: 509.625.4059 

  • Include enough information for the report to be located such as:
  • Date, time and location of the incident.
  • What type of report it is.
  • Report number, if known.

Reports cannot be faxed to you. You must include your address and a phone number to reach you when it’s ready to be picked up.

Who should I call to check on the status of a previously filed police report?

Please allow a minimum of two-t business days for the report processing to be completed.

Have your report number available. If you’ve lost your report number, you can call records at 509.625.4030 to get it.

  1. Call the appropriate case-screening number below.
  2. Tell them you want to check the status on a previously filed police report.
    • For incidents that occurred within Spokane City limits, call 509.625.4172.
    • For incidents that occurred within City of Spokane Valley city limits, call 509.477.2240 for Crimes Against Persons and 509.477.3320 for Property Crimes.
    • For incidents that occurred outside the Spokane city limits, but within Spokane County, call 509.477.6914. You will need to give the following details:
      • Your name
      • A return phone number
      • Report number and the date on which the report was made.

The 911/Crime Check call receivers do not have information about the status of your report. Do not call 911 or Crime Check to ask these questions. If you do, you will be given a recording about the proper use of 911. Please call the appropriate case-screening number above.

What is the appropriate number to call to make a complaint about...

  • Spokane Police Officers, service, or Dispatchers:
    Front desk on-duty supervisor or the shift commander at 509.625.4100.
    The Spokane Police Ombudsman at .509.625.6742.   
  • Sheriff’s Deputies, service, or Dispatchers:
    Call the Front desk on-duty supervisor at 509.477.2240.
  • 911/Crime Check call receivers:
    Crime Check on-duty supervisor at 509.456.2233.


Who can I call/where can I look for information about drug/suspicious activity?

  • Within City of Spokane limits:
    Spokane Police Department SIU: 509.625.4010.

Why can’t 911 call receivers give an "ETA" (estimated time of arrival) when I request police/fire/medical response?

911 call receivers do not dispatch the calls for service and cannot guarantee a response. They relay your information to dispatchers. It is very important that you call 911 back if your situation changes so they can update the information to the dispatchers. Dispatchers need current information to determine appropriate response. Do not call only to ask when officers will arrive. If you do, you will be put on a recording about the proper use of 911.

Who do I contact to find out if the vehicle (including boats) or gun I want to purchase is/has been reported stolen?

  • Department of Licensing 509.477.2222 to find out if a vehicle (including a boat) or gun you are interested in buying has been reported stolen. They can tell you if it’s been "flagged" stolen, but can give no further information.
  • Inspections line at State Patrol can check vehicles.
    Please note that The Dept. of Licensing is the only one of these organizations that check over the phone.

How do I get a copy of a 9-1-1/Crime Check recordings?

Call Administration 509.532.8911 to request information on access to 9-1-1/Crime Check recordings or follow the directions on the Spokane 911 website.

How do I get a copy of my traffic collision/accident report?

Call the Records Dept. at 509.625.4030.

Where can I get a Washington State Accident Reporting Form?

There are several locations, including, the Washington State Patrol office and website, the lobby of the Public Safety building, a staffed COPS/SCOPE station, or a staffed fire station as well as some public libraries.

When is 9-1-1 the appropriate agency to call for animal/pet emergencies?

  • If your animal/pet’s emergency is due to a crime being committed. For instance, your neighbor shot your pet/animal within the last 15 minutes or your neighbor is still actively endangering you or your pet. If this is not the case, then call the animal agency that handles your area to make a report during their regular business hours. (See phone list for numbers for Spokanimal and SCRAPS).
  • The animal/pet endangers the public. Such as a dog on the freeway that continues to be a traffic hazard.
  • The animal/pet continues to endanger itself. Such as a horse with a broken leg loose on a roadway.

If the injury/illness isn’t due to circumstances like those listed above, please contact a vet or rescue shelter. After hours, or a day your vet isn’t open - you will need to contact a Pet Emergency clinic to get help for your animal/pet.

Where can I get crime statistics for a neighborhood?

Does Spokane County have a Noise Ordinance?


Spokane County has adopted an ordinance regulating noise disturbances in the unincorporated areas of Spokane County. The Spokane County Noise Disturbance Ordinance can be found in Chapter 6.12 of the Spokane County Code. Read more about Noise Disturbances in Spokane County