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GIS Data Downloads & Maps

GIS datasets are provided by various departments within Spokane County.  For detailed information regarding a particular dataset, please consult the corresponding metadata document.

The following list of GIS datasets are best viewed with standard mapping or engineering software such as ArcGIS or AutoCAD. 


Visit the Assessor Download page to obtain parcel outlines and associated attribute information.


This download contains a layer of the current Spokane County Boundary and a layer depicting the boundaries of other jurisdictions within Spokane County (including cities, towns, and Fairchild Air Force Base).  Download Spokane County Boundaries


This download contains a layer of current Spokane County Precincts (including changes made during the 2014 Precinct splitting process) and a layer depicting historic Precincts (2013 Precincts). 
Download Spokane County Precincts 


Spokane County maintains two road datasets to serve different purposes.  The Spokane County Engineers maintain a dataset depicting County established roads with route, mile posting, federal functional classification, pavement type and other attributes.  This dataset is useful if you need information about roads that Spokane County maintains. 
Download the Spokane County Engineer's Road Dataset

The Spokane County Sheriff's Office maintains a dataset with all streets in Spokane County.  This includes county roads, incorporated city streets, and private lanes.  Its purpose is to help emergency services locate addresses and is helpful if you need to create an ESRI address locator. 
Download the Spokane County Sheriff's Street Dataset

Soil Survey:

The Spokane County Soil Survey is now available online through the Soil Data Mart ( and the Web Soil Survey ( This data will also be available at the Spokane Field office.

Spokane County Maps:

These are commonly themed maps created by Spokane County GIS available for download.  These are the 11" x 17" versions. We also have 34" x 44" versions available for purchase from the Building and Planning department on the first floor of the Spokane County Public Works Building at 1026 W Broadway, Spokane WA 99260.

Aquifer Susceptibility Map

Arterial Road Plan Map

Bike Pedestrian Map

Cemetery District Map

Comprehensive Plan Map (County)

Comprehensive Plan Map (Urban)

Dept. of Natural Resources Streams Map

Fire Districts Map

Flood Hazards Map

Geologic Hazards Map

Municipal Boundaries Map

Natural Resources Lands Map

Open Space Map

Priority Habitat Species Map

School Districts Map

Shorelines Designations Map

Urban Growth Area Map (County)

Urban Growth Area Map (Urban)

Wetlands Map

Zoning Map (County)

Zoning Map (Urban)