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Spokane Golf League

Due to lack of interest, the fall season of Spokane Golf League has been cancelled.  Thanks to those who participated in the spring season.
  Spring 2014 Season Winners Prizes
Week 1 Birdie Contest Susan Conard A Dozen Titleist Pro V1s
Week 2 Birdie Contest Kevin Watkins
Bret Knapp
A Dozen Titleist Pro V1s
Week 3 Birdie Contest  Andrew Zeik A Dozen Titleist Pro V1s
Week 4 Birdie Contest  Susan Conard A Dozen Titleist Pro V1s
Quarterfinalists Gregory Butler
Jeff Fishman
Scott Kramer
Greg Smith
$125 gift cards
Semifinalists Bret Knapp
Brad Moeller
$175 gift cards
Finalist  Susan Conard $250 gift card
Champion James Macdonald $675 gift card
Gift cards may be used for future green fees, cart rentals, range balls, lessons from the pros on how to win this League next season, and pro shop merchandises at any Spokane County golf courses, not just your home course.  Our gift cards never expire.