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Lost and FoundImpounded animals link 

Lost pets

SCRAPS provides an online listing of all currently impounded animals and a public lost and found pet report list. You can view these lists to determine if your lost pet was picked up by SCRAPS and is currently at the shelter or see if someone has reported your pet as found.

Helpful pet finding hints:

  • Make sure you pet is licensed and microchipped - identification is your pet's phone call home!
  • Call Veterinarians:  Your animal may have been injured and turned in.
  • Call the County's Lost Pet Hotline:  477-8100. This number does not include animals picked up in the city of Spokane.
  • File a lost pet report on the SCRAPS Lost and Found Pet Reporting page and review the SCRAPS Lost and Found Pet list daily to see if someone reports your pet as found.
  • Check Craigslist under both pets and lost and found .  Post under lost and found.
  • Visit the shelters every few days. Don't expect office personnel to identify your pet over the phone.
  • Put up brightly colored signs in your neighborhood and talk to mailmen, deliverymen, etc.
  • Offer a reward.
  • Place an ad in the paper and check found ads daily. Call if the description is even close. Check or post on
  • Get out and look for your pet. Animals can get stuck in trees or under houses. Man holding cat

Phone numbers for area shelters:

SCRAPS:  477-2532, 2521 N. Flora (Spokane Valley)

Spokane Humane Society:  467-5236, Havana & Francis

SpokAnimal CARE:  534-8133, 710 N. Napa


Found pets

If you have found a lost or stray pet, please report it on the SCRAPS Lost and Found Pet Reporting page, look on the SCRAPS Lost and Found Pet List, and/or contact SCRAPS or SpokAnimal. A staff member will give you further information on how to proceed. Depending on the jurisdiction where the animal was found, you will be instructed on what shelter to take the animal to. If you are interested in keeping the animal at your home, information can be taken over the telephone to be posted for owners who are looking for their lost pet. You are also encouraged to contact the Spokesman-Review to place a free ad as well as posting on craigslist.