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Lost and Found Pets

SCRAPS is NOT responsible for matching any pet posted on this site with animals that may be at our shelter or at another shelter in our area. Please see our Impounded Animals page for information regarding animals currently at our shelter as well as links to other area shelters.

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Lost or FoundDateTypeBreed/Description
lost5/5/2015Dogminiature poodle, 12" tall
lost11/8/2015DogChihuahua, Shepherd Markings
Found2/6/2016DogGolden Retriever , Purple collar
Found2/1/2016DogLab, Small blue collar
lost2/5/2016Doglab, scar on nose
lost2/5/2016DogShorkie; shi tzu yorkie mix, has 3 patches of shorter hair; underbite
lost2/4/2016Doggerman shepheard, black heart on tail
lost1/27/2016Dogpit nice guy, brown thick coller he will come to his name
Found2/4/2016DogFEMALE Yellow lab, Small, black webbing collar; no tags
lost2/3/2016DogAustralian shepard golden retr, blue eyed, blind, with a chain style collar
Found2/4/2016DogPug, dk with gold curvy lines - collar
lost1/20/2016DogGerman Austrailian Mix , White strip down forehead and white around nose
lost2/2/2016DogPomeranian , looks like she has black eyeliner
lost2/3/2016DogChocolate lab, Chocolate color
Found2/3/2016DogMixed larger dog, Bandana on neck, wearing collar
lost1/31/2016CatTabby, Large
lost2/2/2016Doghusky healer pit bull, black caller and scar on one ear
lost2/3/2016DogCollie mix, White body brown face
lost2/3/2016DogLab, not provided
lost2/2/2016DogPit mix puppy, not provided
lost1/27/2016DogChow Chow, Red Harness Rabies tag&Id Plat
lost2/1/2016DogGerman Sheppard , Black collar, chipped
lost2/1/2016DogToy aussie, Leopard collar with pink bow
lost2/1/2016Dogmixed, sleek body, scruffy face, chipped
Found2/1/2016DogBlue merle Sheltie & corgi, not provided
Found2/1/2016Dognot provided
Found2/1/2016Dognot provided, No tags
lost1/29/2016DogBorder collie/husky mix, One blue eye one brown eye. Lots of black dots
lost1/29/2016CatLong hair , Long hair, fluffy tail, grey with blck blotches
Found1/30/2016DogShiba Inu, collar with license
lost1/29/2016DogPomeranian, not provided
Found1/30/2016DogPossibly Lab/setter mix, not provided
lost1/30/2016DogShiba Inu, Collar with license.
Found1/30/2016Catnot provided, Very young kitten
Found1/30/2016Dogpitbull mix, blue collar - only knows "sit"
Found1/27/2016Catmancoon, black chin look like a beard. happy face collar
lost12/15/2015Dogchiuahuah, white chest
Found1/27/2016DogYorkie, No collar. Male. Not neutered? 7-10 years old?
Found1/15/2016CatDomestic short hair, No marks, young cat
lost1/27/2016CatRussian Blue short hair, folded skin on ear from fight, silly sounding meow
Found1/27/2016DogChihuahua/ mix { border collie, feet are white, and white stripe on face
lost1/27/2016DogBoston Terrier, He has a Haggarty spot, 'twixt stripes on his h
Found1/27/2016DogMaybe Australian shep/Healer , Black face/gray specked body/black spots on body
Found1/27/2016Dognot provided, Tall an big
Found1/27/2016DogMaltese?, No collar. Friendly. Lap dog?
Found1/27/2016DogGerman Short Hair (?), Black over both eyes with white/black mix down fac
Found1/27/2016DogPoodle Cross, Tall, black nylon collar.
lost12/20/2015DogGerman Shepherd, Spayed Female, no collar
lost1/27/2016DogChihuahua, no hair on her chest
Found1/25/2016DogMale Labrador, Young, wearing blue nylon collar - 2" wide?
lost1/25/2016CatTabby, No collar but chipped
lost1/27/2016DogLab, Blue collar, tags ripped off during fence escape
lost1/18/2016DogGerman Shepherd, painted toe, whitish grey neck/ shoulders
lost1/26/2016DogDachshund Chihuahua terrier , No collar short legs old unfixed
lost1/21/2016Dogaustralian shepard, red yellow greencollar one blue eye
lost1/26/2016Dogduchhound/chuaua, grey chin darker red strip down her spine
lost1/23/2016DogAustrailian Shephard, not provided
lost1/20/2016CatBrown Torbie, not provided
lost1/25/2016DogBoston Terrier, Purple scarf
lost1/25/2016DogBoxer lab mix, Blue colar
lost1/25/2016Dogblack lab, chunky and neutered
lost1/24/2016Doghusky mix, brown rolled leather collar, spayed female,
lost1/25/2016DogShima, Long haired
lost1/23/2016CatLong hair , Black nose white to pink ears
lost1/24/2016DogLabradoodle , Grey on backside
lost1/4/2016DogSchnauzer, Picture can cd seen on Spokane Lost and found pets
lost1/23/2016CatBlack long hair, One white wisker left side of face
lost1/23/2016DogYorkie/havensse , Red collar
lost1/22/2016DogSilk Terrier Toy Poodle Mix, not provided
Found1/23/2016DogPit, No collar, female
lost1/4/2016CatRussian Blue, Big, Shy, Make Neutered
Found1/23/2016DogPossible jack Russel Mis, Not neutered, blue with yellow bones collar,
lost1/23/2016DogGolden retriever , Curly hair
lost1/23/2016Doggolden retriver lab mix, black mole on her face
lost1/22/2016CatTwo male orange tabby cats, One of the kittens has white paws
Found1/21/2016DogLabrador , Pinkish purple collar
Found1/22/2016DogMalamute/shepherd, Purple collar
lost1/22/2016DogBorder collie , Bright green and pink collar ad chopped
lost1/21/2016DogEnglish Spinger Spaniel, Green collar
lost1/19/2016DogPit bull, white markings on face, old man dog
lost1/15/2016CatMaine Coon mix, bobcat like markings with pink nose
Found1/20/2016DogLabrador Retriever, Orange Collar Reflective Unaltered
lost1/18/2015DogGerman Shepherd, black bark collar, 2 year old male
lost1/19/2016DogMaltese, neutered, still has back Dew-claws, grey collar
lost12/21/2015Dogpart lab and sheperd , purple collar white with black spots
lost1/16/2016Doglad mix , black lines on her mouth top and bottom
lost1/19/2016DogMixed medium size, no collar
lost1/17/2016DogPit bull/German short hair poi, scars on her inside front legs
lost1/17/2016DogAustralian cattle dog , Grey with bones on collar with yellow tag
lost1/15/2016DogWhite blue nose pitbull, No collar grey eyes blue/grey mask big floppy ear
lost1/16/2016DogBeagle/lab mix, Black collar
lost1/8/2016DogHeeler, Blue collar and leash
lost1/16/2016DogMaltese/Havanese, Buff ears
lost1/13/2016CatFemale Domestic Short Hair Cat, not provided
lost1/7/2016DogAustralian cattle/sheep dog, has scrape on top of nose
lost1/15/2016CatFire Point Siamese, Blue crossed eyed
Found1/16/2016OtherRooster, Black with gold speckled neck feathers
lost1/16/2016CatNorwegian Forest cat, fluffy, stumpy tail, broken canine, marks on ear
Found1/15/2016CatAmerican short hair, Half grown, very friendly
lost1/15/2016Dogfemale lab/shephard mix, fatty tumor on chest under front leg
lost1/15/2016DogBoxer, Docked tail 2 cherry eyes.
lost1/15/2016DogGreat dane, Ears cropped but not standing
lost1/13/2016Catnot provided
Found1/14/2016DogPitbull / Boxer?, All brown, white chest, has large scar, male
lost7/1/2015Dogshih tzu, frendly
lost1/14/2016DogDoberman (often mistaken for w, Black collar if still wearing it.
Found1/11/2016Catsiamese, not provided
lost1/3/2016DogBlack lab/pit, medium brown eyes
lost1/3/2016DogDutch Shepherd, right ear is floppy. Green tattoos on her belly.
lost1/13/2016DogMountain curr , Black bowtie. Grey collar. Blue tag. Looks kind a
lost1/13/2016DogHusky mix, Mostly white except back, pink collar
lost1/13/2016DogHound mix, Long ears, very short hair, slim, responds to "Cue
lost12/25/2015CatSiamese, not provided
lost1/12/2016DogGolden Retrievers , White mark on chest of male
lost1/10/2016CatMaine Coon mix, none
lost1/12/2016Dogamerican bull dog, not provided
lost1/9/2016Catshort hair, tear duct problems
Found1/12/2016DogLooks like collie/sharpei cros, Tumor on right front leg
Found1/6/2016CatShort hair, Large, Morris-looking cat,
lost1/10/2016DogGolden Retriever, No Collar or Tags, 14 years old, very slow
lost1/9/2016CatGrey Tabby, Collar has an attatched bandanna
lost1/10/2016DogBlack lab, Red collar
Found1/10/2016Dogpitbull, brown leather collar with Mac on it
Found12/25/2015DogHusky, White strip down nose, boney crown on head
Found1/9/2016DogBeagle / Pointer Mix?, Lic# 533867. White feet and beagle colorings.
lost1/9/2016DogFox Hound, Multi colored collar and long tail
lost1/2/2016DogYorki, long hair. docked tail and going blind in one eye
lost1/8/2016DogHusky chow mix, Red collar
lost1/8/2016Catdomestic, dusting of gray on the back of her neck.
Found1/6/2016Catnot provided, Striped tail