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Lost and Found Pets

SCRAPS is NOT responsible for matching any pet posted on this site with animals that may be at our shelter or at another shelter in our area. Please see our Impounded Animals page for information regarding animals currently at our shelter as well as links to other area shelters.

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Lost or FoundDateTypeBreed/Description
Found8/26/2015DogHealer puppy, no collar
lost8/26/2015DogSheltie, Long Hair, missing most front teeth
Found8/26/2015DogLab x, Med size few identifing marks no collar
lost8/26/2015Dogchihuahua, white at the end of her long tail, huge eyes
lost8/6/2015Catmid length coat, Black with White Chest and White Paws
lost8/25/2015Doglab German Shepard, multi color collar
lost8/15/2015Catnot provided, White spots on belly. He's fixed with a blue tatoo
lost8/22/2015CatSiamese , Dark brown face, tan chest, bright blue eyes
lost8/25/2015CatMain Coone, Neutered, front declaw, long hair, fat
lost8/21/2015Catdomestic short hair/siamese 4 , leopard spots on tummy, bright blue eyes
lost8/25/2015DogAustralian Shepherd, Pink nose, long tail, primarily white with blue
lost8/17/2015Catpolydactyl, multiple toes
lost8/22/2015DogHealer/Pit Bull, White face w/freckles, collar, tags
lost8/22/2015DogBorder Collie, Multicolored collar, white flea collar, ID tag
lost8/20/2015CatSeal Point Siamese, White on lip
lost7/20/2015DogChinese Crested, White Blond Hair on Head,end of tail, and from kne
lost8/24/2015DogBasset Hound, Blue Collar
lost8/21/2015Catcalico, not provided
Found8/23/2015DogJack Russell/ beagle, Black collar
lost8/22/2015DogGolden retriever yellow lab mi, Leather collar, should have tags. White chest
lost8/21/2015CatShort hair tabby, petite female.
lost8/20/2015DogDashaund , She has a white blaze on her chest
lost8/17/2015CatDomestic Short Hair, Equal sign pattern on top of her left paw
lost8/12/2015CatOrange tabby, Tail tip bent / lies on back spread eagle
lost8/23/2015Dogchaweenie, blue collar with name tag
lost8/23/2015Dogchaweenie, blue collar with name tag
lost8/10/2015DogAmerican Eskimo, cute underbite
lost8/23/2015DogShitzuh , not provided
lost8/23/2015DogBlack Lab, none
lost8/23/2015DogBeagle, White on nose, neck, & tail
lost8/22/2015Dogtoy yorkie, microchiped she's 9 years old but looks like a pup
lost8/23/2015Dogtoy yorkie, she is microchips is 9 years old but still looks l
Found8/22/2015DogBeagle, No collar
Found8/22/2015DogChihuaha mix- male, no collar, no chip - big ears-skinny
lost8/21/2015CatTabby, Watermelon collar. Chipped
lost8/22/2015DogGerman short hair, White and white marbled on legs, belly, and nose.
lost8/22/2015DogHavanese, John Deer color/tags from Needles CA
lost8/22/2015DogHavanese, John Deer color/tags from Needles CA
lost8/22/2015DogGolden retriever, Medium length hair. Not neutered. Red collar.
lost8/22/2015DogBoxer, White chest and chin
lost8/22/2015DogBoxer, White chest and chin
lost8/22/2015DogMiniature Pincer, Spiked Collar, scar on nose
lost8/22/2015DogBoston Terrier, not provided
lost7/16/2015Dogchihuahuas, N/A
lost8/20/2015Catcommon house cat, male, stubby knotted tail less than 2 inches long
Found7/15/2015Catnot provided, small patch of white hair-chest
lost8/1/2015Catdomestic long hair, collar and tag with fluffy tail
lost8/20/2015Dogcocker spaniel, limping
lost8/20/2015DogLong Hair Golden Lab, Blue Collar
lost8/20/2015DogPit bull, green break away collar & black collar. 65lbs.
lost8/20/2015DogBlue Heeler, only 25 lbs, spayed female
lost8/18/2015CatDSH, Cut on ear, may be limping on front foot
lost8/18/2015CatShort Hair, all black
lost8/20/2015DogToy Chihuahua, Black with skulls collar
lost8/16/2015CatLong Haired, 16 pounds
Found8/12/2015Catsiamese mix, collar that says "try me"
Found8/18/2015CatSiamese Mix, Female, bright blue eyes, black spots on feet
lost8/18/2015DogBoston Terrier , White pointed line in between eyes
Found8/18/2015DogBoston Terrier, not provided
lost8/18/2015DogBlack Lab, 85-90lbs, very friendly and excitable
Found8/17/2015DogPom/chihuahua mix possibly, Red & black collor/ black with white neck,chest an
lost8/16/2015CatTabby mix, Yellow eyes, small, long tail with question mark tip
Found8/17/2015Dogpossible poodle mix, male, lump on right hip, older
lost8/15/2015Catnot provided, Male, green eyes
lost8/17/2015DogMini pin (jack russell), Red color one leg shorter
lost8/15/2015Catnot provided, Male, green eyes
lost8/17/2015DogBlack lab, chubby, the color gray around his mouth- he is old
lost8/15/2015CatTabby, Blue Tattoo on belly, spayed
Found8/11/2015CatDLH, not provided
lost8/16/2015CatTortiseshell Long Hair, 19 lbs!!!
Found8/14/2015CatDSH, you tell me
lost8/12/2015Catnot provided, SMALL CHUNK MISSING OFF ONE OF HER EARS
lost8/10/2015Catamerican shorthair, white chin, white marks on chest, white paws
Found8/16/2015DogPom/Chi Mix, not provided
lost8/14/2015CatTabby, Left ear has small piece missing
lost8/17/2015CatBlack with yellow/green eyes, She has litle bits of white hair mixed in
lost8/12/2015CatLarge Short-hair tabby/mix, ne, Blk tiger stripes/white and brwn stripes on belly.
Found8/13/2015CatUnknown, Flowery collar
lost8/16/2015DogYorkshire Terrier, black collar, tags, chip
lost8/16/2015DogScottish Terrier, White crest on chest, wearing Yoda callor
Found8/16/2015DogTerrior under 10 lbs, Black collar
lost8/15/2015CatCat, White chest white paws
lost8/13/2015CatRussian Blue, A torn ear
Found8/16/2015DogGerman Shepherd Mix, Black spots on tounge
lost8/14/2015Dogdachshund mix, Wht\gry long hair on face
lost8/15/2015OtherTurkey, Hen
lost8/15/2015DogMini dachshund/yorkie, Pink collar
Found8/14/2015DogRat Terrier Mix, Male, Big Black ears
lost8/9/2015Catmix, white Mark up to one eye and black on the back of
lost8/15/2015DogJack Russell, White patch on check / cropped tail
lost8/15/2015DogYorkshire Terrier, Missing left eye
lost8/15/2015DogLab mix, Has a whit paint brush looking white spot on his e
lost8/10/2015Catnot provided, no tail
lost8/11/2015CatTabby, micro chipped. She's a petite cat. 2 yrs old.
Found8/14/2015Dogpit?, thick heavy collar, scraps id tag #609860
lost8/9/2015CatTabby, Hips dont work right he walks funny
lost8/14/2015DogGerman Shephard, not provided
lost8/14/2015Catnot provided, Pink Collar with tag (May have lost collar)
lost8/13/2015CatTabby, Gold belly
lost6/2/2015Cat??big neutered male, YelloweyesLONGwhtevampireteeth!endtailcrkdalil
Found8/14/2015Dogmixed breed , Red collar
Found8/13/2015OtherRooster, not provided
lost8/13/2015DogTerrier mix, Thick purple collar with SCRAPS tag
Found8/13/2015Otherblack rabbit/bunny, black
lost8/10/2015Dogchiweenie, not provided
lost8/6/2015CatSphynx, Hairless
Found8/12/2015Dogsmall mixed breed, yorkie?, not provided
Found8/12/2015DogPoodle, terrier mix?, Has a collar but no tags
Found8/12/2015Dogborder collie, not provided
lost8/10/2015CatNorwegian Forest Cat, Very light orange color, large male
lost8/10/2015CatCalico, not provided
Found8/10/2015Dogsmall shepard??, was just pregnant and lactating
lost8/8/2015CatSiamese, half smiley on mouth
lost8/10/2015DogAmerican Eskimo, med/small size dog, fluffy
lost8/11/2015DogShepherd Mix, has a purple and black collar on and recent spay
lost8/10/2015Dogpit bull, cropped ears blue dot on inside of leg
lost8/10/2015Dogborder collie chow, white chest white paws
Found8/4/2015Dogpomeranian. ish, kinda big overbite
lost8/10/2015DogPomchi, Black collar
lost8/9/2015DogSiberian Husky, White cross on forehead
lost8/9/2015DogAlaskan Malamute , White markings over eyes
Found8/10/2015Catbrown with black and white fee, white chest and feet
Found8/6/2015CatShort haired, ?
lost8/9/2015Dogship Tzu, Neutered male just trimmed
lost8/9/2015CatDsh, Unaltered male, has a few scabs on head, v
Found8/9/2015DogShih-Tzu and Lasso?, recently groomed. no collar.
lost8/7/2015DogShapei/lab cross and a border , Nala is apprx 100lbs, Diego approx 50lbs.
lost8/6/2015Catpale pink, hairless, grey eyes, small pink area on right side of nose
lost7/20/2015DogChinese Crested, White Blond Hair on Head,end of tail, and from kne
lost8/9/2015Dogship Tzu, Neutered male just trimmed
lost8/7/2015CatDomestic medium hair, not provided
lost8/7/2015DogPitbull, White markings in chest and feet, starwars collar
Found8/7/2015Dognot provided, tags
lost8/7/2015DogJack Russell Rat Terrior, Black spot on left eyebrow.
Found7/28/2015Dogsmall, black collar
lost8/7/2015Dogblue heeler/shepherd mix, turquoise collar, long thin tail with white tip
Found8/7/2015Dogchihuahua, multicolored collar
lost7/24/2015Dogshih tzu, grey collar, microchip loss
lost7/31/2015Catnot provided
lost8/6/2015DogYorkshire terrior, not provided
lost8/6/2015CatDMH, Calico/Torti, white paws and chest
lost7/30/2015CatTabby, White paws looks like Boots
lost8/5/2015DogPitbull/ Australian Shepherd., He has a hemp collar.
lost8/2/2015Catdlh, white patch on stomach near tail
lost8/6/2015DogMANCHESTER TERRIER/CHIHUAHUA, not provided
lost8/3/2015DogPit/Lab , Orangish choker chain and chipped
lost8/3/2015DogPit/Lab , Orangish choker chain and chipped
lost8/5/2015DogBlack lab pit bull mix, Purple callor tip of tail is wHite blue spot on st
Found8/5/2015DogBorder collie / rott or shephe, Grey Kong collar, green rabies tag from Pullman
Found8/3/2015Catnot provided
lost8/5/2015DogBlue heeler, Has his tags on his collar. Will come to his name.
lost8/2/2015CatCalico, Should have collar on with Purple Heart tag with name and contact info
lost8/4/2015DogShih Tzu, red collar
Found8/4/2015Cat?, not provided
lost7/31/2015CatPure Bred Snowshoe , White paws
Found8/4/2015DogShepherd , not provided
Found8/4/2015Dogyellow lab , reddish eyes
lost7/31/2015DogLong Hair Jack Russell/Chihuah, Big Bellie Button
Found8/3/2015OtherHedgehog, spikey
lost8/4/2015DogAmerican Foxhound, Blue collar
lost8/3/2015OtherSulcata Tortoise, 30 pounds
lost7/31/2015CatDSH, Deformed tail
Found8/2/2015DogSmall mix, Pink collar; no tags
Found8/3/2015DogGolden Retriever, Intact male, not tags. Black collar/bark collar.
lost7/30/2015Catdomestic short hair, 3 year old, very small for her age. Microchipped.
lost8/2/2015Dogbeagle m mix, white fur starting at her nose to head
lost7/28/2015Catdark calico short hair, Spayed and lic all shots Boots
Found8/2/2015DogTerrier mix, Small approx 15-20 pounds
lost7/29/2015Catdomestic medium hair, pink collar with name and owner #
lost7/11/2015DogYorkie/terrier mix, May have a blu harness on
lost7/12/2015CatOrange and white tabby, Declawed and nuetered male, thin build
lost8/1/2015DogJack Russell/Border Collie, White blaze on nose, purple collar, 30 lb female
lost8/1/2015DogShort haired terrier mix, White, aging muzzle, short stub tail
lost7/28/2015Doglabrador , scar on back left foot.
lost8/1/2015DogLab, Red collar, older dog that gets anxious
lost8/1/2015DogLab, Black reflective collar
Found7/28/2015DogLooks like a Havanese/ShihTzu, Looks to be 3-4 years old, less than 15lbs, loving
lost8/1/2015CatDMH, no collar
Found8/1/2015DogPit Bull , Scraps # 556450
Found8/1/2015DogBeagle mix?, faded red collar w/no tag
Found8/1/2015DogLab, light eye color, gold
lost7/31/2015DogHound, white chest, white tip on end of tail
lost7/29/2015CatDomestic Short Hair, none - has microchip
lost7/31/2015DogWestie jack, Freckled bellie
lost7/30/2015CatDSH, Sm grey spot near her nose; almost 14 lbs.
lost7/30/2015DogBlack pug, has chip
Found7/31/2015DogKing Charles Spaniel (Male), freckles on nose
lost7/30/2015Othergreen cheek conure, maroon tail, blue flight feathers
Found6/5/2015Cattabby, white feet
lost7/30/2015DogWeiner Dog/Jack Russule terrie, white diamon batch on chest , long choppy on face
lost7/30/2015Dogsmall and senior, pink collar with several tags but no contact info
Found7/29/2015DogBlue Heeler/Sheppard/Lab mix, female puppy/young dog very affectionate
lost7/30/2015DogCorgi, Black color with a bone shaped tag Saya "Feed Me"
lost7/25/2015Dogmastiff mix, orange collar tags
Found7/30/2015DogAustralian Shepard , Both light blue eyes
lost7/24/2015CatDSH, Dilute Tortoiseshell/ tab, purple collar, with bell
lost7/29/2015DogShitzhu, No collar very small very scared around strangers
lost7/20/2015DogChuihuahua mix, Blue collar, missing bottom front tooth
lost7/29/2015DogSmall mixed , None
lost7/20/2015DogChuihuahua mix, Blue color, missing bottom front tooth
lost7/27/2015CatSIAMESE, CROSSED BLUE EYES (young unneutered male)
lost7/29/2015DogRottweiler, wearing collar with tags, very friendly
lost7/29/2015Dogpit bull, chain collar, painted toes
lost5/29/2015DogPug male, Blue collar with rabies and scraps tag #609164
lost7/28/2015Catnot provided, Green/yellow eyes, big kitty with saggy belly
lost7/29/2015Dogpit bull, chain collar, painted toes
lost7/29/2015Dogmixed Yellow Lab, Red Collar and has a micro chip
lost7/29/2015Dogpom-chi, shaved like a lion
Found7/27/2015Cattabby but unusual markings, ci, young cat, not neutered I think
lost7/24/2015DogShih Tzu, silver colloar
lost7/28/2015CatTabby, Just neutered, still raw around area
Found7/28/2015DogFemale Pittbull, Brown tail with white tip
lost7/27/2015Dogshit zu and chihuahua, small with long black and white hair
lost6/1/2015CatDMH, neutered male, front declawed, white tip on his tail
Found7/27/2015Catblack medium hair, kitten