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Lost and Found Pets

SCRAPS is NOT responsible for matching any pet posted on this site with animals that may be at our shelter or at another shelter in our area. Please see our Impounded Animals page for information regarding animals currently at our shelter as well as links to other area shelters.

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Lost or FoundDateTypeBreed/Description
Found11/26/2014DogRed Golden Retriever, not provided
lost11/26/2014Dogshepard Mix, black colar with color peace signs
lost11/25/2014DogGerman short hair pointer mix, no collar
lost11/24/2014DogPoodle / Maltese mix, Blue collar with tags, has a scar on one eyelid
lost11/25/2014DogBoarder Collie, black harness
lost11/25/2014DogLabrador Retriever, Ear Tattoo, Blue and Green Color
lost11/25/2014DogMiniature schnauzer, long back nails, stub tail, thin hair on back
lost11/24/2014DogBeagle, Lump on his tail male neutered
lost11/24/2014Dogchihuahua / terrier mix, brown leather colllar w/tags
lost11/21/2014DogPit/border collie, not provided
lost11/20/2014Otherrabbit, not provided
lost11/22/2014Catnot provided, Female,medium hair, about 9 weeks old
Found11/15/2014CatLong Hair / Male, LARGE, small white dot on top of head
lost11/23/2014Catnot provided, orange, white chest/paws, black collar, heart tab
lost11/22/2014Catnot provided, large, yellow eyes , fangs that stick out of mouth
lost11/23/2014DogGerman Rottweiler, Red collar, walks duck footed.
lost11/22/2014CatDomestic Long Hair , white with black patches like a cow
lost11/21/2014CatLong hair, Smaller kitty, only about 15 weeks old, green eyes
lost11/21/2014CatTuxedo/male, white bib, white belly, 4 white feet. Microchipped
lost11/23/2014DogShepard mix, not provided
lost11/20/2014CatMainecoon, fluffy tail and maine
lost11/21/2014DogMin Pin, Cropped Pointed ears. Bobbed tail, Graying
lost11/20/2014Cattortoiseshell tabby, not provided
lost11/21/2014DogBlood Hound, not provided
lost11/13/2014CatPersian/Domestic, Brown collar with name & # inside of collar
Found11/20/2014Catnot provided, Kitten
Found11/20/2014DogBig Black Lab, TAG # 28651 EXP 2012
lost11/8/2014CatAmerican short hair, black around mouth, sick, drools when petted, old
lost11/18/2014DogAlaskan Malamute, not provided
lost7/4/2014CatTuxcedo, Black freckles on face
lost11/18/2014CatLarge - Blue Russian Cat , not provided
Found11/3/2014Catnot provided, Brown, gray & black, distinct dark patches
lost11/19/2014Catmanx/female, no tail/long hair
Found11/10/2014CatDLh/Siamese, blue eyes/ Blue collar with SCRAPS tag
lost11/18/2014DogMini Dachshund, black-patched mouth roof diamond under jaw
Found11/17/2014Catdomestic short hair, un-neutered teenage male
lost11/17/2014DogChihuahua, dark blothy skin, and light tan patch on back
lost11/14/2014CatCat , She's been fixed and has Belly fat.
Found11/7/2014DogPom/Beagal????? UNKNOWEN, Red Collar
lost11/17/2014Doglab mix, no collar will be with brother ninja
lost11/17/2014Doglab mix, no collar will be with brother pirate
lost11/5/2014Catdomestic grey tabby, blue collar license microchipped
lost11/14/2014Dograt terrior/pitbull mix, black harness
lost10/3/2014Catnot provided, white hair coming out of ears
lost11/16/2014CatLong Hair, Very Friendly, fluffy
Found11/16/2014CatTabby, Red collar,white boots on back feet, neutered male
Found10/31/2014CatTabby, Looks like a little cougar.h
lost11/15/2014DogPomeranian-Chihuahua/Pomchi, black stripe down her back, she is tan on her bel
lost9/1/2014DogLab & Great dane mix, not provided
Found11/16/2014Cattorti, pink reflective collar with a bell
lost11/14/2014Catdomestic shorthair, white patch on chest
lost10/31/2014Dogterrier, looks almost exactly like the one pic above on scr
lost11/9/2014Catrussian blue, solid grey, short hair
lost11/14/2014DogLab and mastiff mix, grey muzzle and around eyes, blue collar
lost11/2/2014DogYellow lab, purple collar
Found11/14/2014DogGerman shepard, Blue collar
lost11/13/2014CatPersian/Domestic, Brown collar with name & # inside of collar
lost9/30/2014CatDSH, Home Again Microchipped
lost11/11/2014DogPug/Jack Russell , Pink chevron collar with name tag and phone number
Found11/13/2014Catnot provided
Found11/10/2014DogAustralian Sheep Dog, not provided
lost11/7/2014DogBrussels griffen, Maltese, and, brown colored beard with wirrery black furr
Found11/13/2014DogShih tzu - maybe Yorkie x?, No collar, seems quite thin and hungry. short tail
lost11/12/2014DogYorkie/Pom mix , Zebra collar
lost11/12/2014DogBlue nose pit, little white diamond spot on her back
lost10/26/2014DogTerrier/Poodle, Brown patches Brody's left eye
lost11/5/2014Dogrottweiler/boxer, white on chest
lost10/1/2014DogCocker Spaniel, Ear and tail NOT cropped
lost11/1/2014Cattabby, collar with name on it, dark tail
lost11/5/2014CatDomestic Medium Hair, Purple Collar
Found11/11/2014Doglab, older dog
lost11/11/2014DogDalmatian, Spots
lost11/9/2014Dogshih tzu, hemp collar
lost11/11/2014Dogspringer spaniel, He has no eye lashes due to mange when he was a pu
lost11/11/2014Catshorthair, white on nose and face,some white on legs & feet
lost11/11/2014DogChug Russel (Chihuahua, pug, a, pink chevron collar
lost11/11/2014DogChichuaha mix, No collar, microchipped
lost11/11/2014Dogrottweiler, snout is turning grey
lost11/11/2014Dogmastiff/lab, limping on left rear leg
lost11/11/2014Dogtoy pomeranian, has alopecia on back of neck and body has a black
lost11/5/2014Catnot provided, she is on the smaller side. Petite
lost11/8/2014Catdomestic short hair/neutered m, White on chin,chest, back legs and toes
lost11/10/2014DogMixed - Australian Shepherd/ L, White Chest/ Looks like wearing lack eye liner
lost11/10/2014DogLab, Bright orange collar with license and rabies tag
Found11/9/2014Dogrottweiler, lab ?, not provided
lost11/9/2014Dogshih tzu, hemp collar
lost11/9/2014DogGolden Retriever, brown leather collar with scraps tag
lost11/9/2014Doglong haired dachshund, long haired and black on edge of both ears
lost9/10/2014DogHeeler Basenji?, not nuetered, no collar, no chip, about 6 months
lost11/5/2014Dogpit mix, greying muzzle. white chest and belly
lost11/8/2014Dog10 lb long curly fur, beige floppy ears, long furry tail
Found11/8/2014Catragdoll possible siamese mixed, Bright blue eyes. Brown tail, ears and around face
lost11/7/2014CatBullseye Tabby, skinny from age & hyperthyroidism - declawed
lost11/7/2014DogAiredale, Red collar
lost11/6/2014Dogbullmastiff/hound, has black eye liner around eyes
lost11/6/2014DogPoodle mix, hair cut short with a mohawk
lost11/1/2014CatTabby, Pastel striped collar, vertical stripe on back
lost11/6/2014Dogyorkie, one floppy ear one stands up
lost11/6/2014DogAkita, all black w/ rottie face marking white front legs
lost11/3/2014CatShorthair, Petite
lost11/5/2014Doghound shepherd mix, pink collar
lost11/5/2014Dogboxer/rott mix, gray collar white on chest 100#s
lost11/6/2014Dogpug, not provided
Found11/5/2014Catmedium long hair, not provided
lost11/1/2014Catdomestic short hair, blur collar with bell & nametag
lost10/31/2014Catlong hair, creme color by his nose.
Found10/25/2014CatTiger - short hair, very short legs, bad left back leg/hip
lost11/5/2014Dogdoberman , black collar
lost11/4/2014DogPitbull, Pink collar
lost11/4/2014DogMaltese, Pinkish nose (as opposed to black that most Maltes
Found11/4/2014DogYellow Lab, Camo collar
lost11/1/2014CatLong haired , Fur around left eye is black & Right eye is white
lost10/31/2014DogChihuahua, Has a rib sticking out, has apple head & big ears
Found11/3/2014Otherferret, not provided
lost11/1/2014DogHusky mix puppy, batman mask and White Diamond on forehead
lost11/4/2014Dogpug, short ears lots wrinkles in face
lost11/4/2014Dogpug, short ears lots wrinkles in face
Found11/3/2014DogPossible blue heeler mix, not provided
lost10/31/2014CatRed tiled siamease, He's all white orange ears face feet and tail blue
Found11/3/2014Catshort hair, not provided
Found11/2/2014DogPit Bull (possibly mixed), multicolored collar, fixed male
Found10/31/2014Catnot provided
Found10/31/2014Catnot provided
Found10/31/2014Catnot provided
Found10/31/2014Catnot provided
lost10/31/2014Dogchuaua, not provided
lost11/2/2014DogGolden retriever, Red collar, black bark collar, microchip
lost11/2/2014DogGolden retriever, Red collar, black bark collar, microchip
Found11/1/2014Doghusky\german sheppard, blue coller
lost10/31/2014DogChiauau, Slim, Fixed Male/green nutered mark/short hair
lost10/31/2014DogChiauau, Slim, Fixed Male/green nutered mark/short hair
Found10/31/2014Doghusky, blackish spots brown eyes has a collar on
lost10/30/2014CatBengal, He looks like a small leopard but is very big
lost10/26/2014CatGray and white tabby, She has a bent tail
Found10/31/2014DogChihuahua mix, not provided
lost10/29/2014CatBengal, 2 collars,pink w/ rhinestones.Pink heart tag w/inf
lost6/30/2014DogSchnauzer, brownish beard
lost10/30/2014DogCavalier/St. Charles spaniel, Collar with Name tag, Phone #, Elect. chip implant
Found10/26/2014Catlong hair, spade AVID chipped
lost10/16/2014DogLab Pitbull mix, White chest and toes, brindle
lost10/28/2014DogRottweiler/Timber Wolf, She was wearing a green/brown mens coat.
lost10/26/2014CatTabby, very small (size of a large kitten)
lost10/20/2014DogPitbull, scar on both front paws
lost10/27/2014CatTabby, Short hair has been spade
Found10/14/2014CatCalico, Small 5 yo(?) adult w/microchip, loud meow
Found10/24/2014CatShort hair tabby, pink nose, very friendly
Found10/28/2014Catnot provided
lost7/31/2014CatManx mix, tail 1-2 inches, purple collar with tags