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Judge Ellen Kalama Clark

Civil Court

Honorable Salvatore (Sam) F. Cozza Presiding Judge

Superior Court Presiding Judge responsibilities include:

  • Administrative Management of the Superior Court
  • Oversees Civil Case Assignments
  • Temporary Restraining Orders 
  • Injunctions
  • Lower Court Appeals
  • Civil Motions on non-assigned cases
  • Trials

Learn more about the Presiding Superior Court Judge.

Judge Salvatore (Sam) F. Cozza

Plea/Sentencing Court

Honorable Linda G. Tompkins Judge

Superior Court Plea/Sentencing Judge responsibilities include:

  • Unlawful Detainer Show Cause Hearings 
  • CR 12 Dismissal Hearings
  • Criminal Pleas and Sentencings
  • Criminal Motion Hearings
  • Criminal Restitution Hearings
  • Trials
    Learn more about the Plea/Sentencing Court Judge

Current Trial Judge Assignments

Dept. 9Honorable John O. Conney


The Civil Court Coordinator is responsible for the management of the Mandatory Arbitration Program and assignment of civil cases to IC Court Departments.