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Subarea Planning

The Comprehensive Plan provides the framework for conducting subarea or detailed planning.  Subarea plans include plans for urban and rural subareas, neighborhoods, activity centers, mixed-use areas and joint planning areas.

Interactive Map of the Subareas

This map displays the subareas that have requested planning services and have been approved by Board of County Commissioners.  Click on a subarea to obtain specific information about that area. 

Click here to view a interactive map of the Subareas

Greater Morgan Acres Subarea

The Greater Morgan Acres Subarea Plan has been completed.  The Planning Commission held work shops and hearings and passed their decision on to the Board of County Commissioners who held a hearing and Adopted the Plan.

The Greater Morgan Acres is now part of the Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Code for Spokane County.  For more information contact Theresa Ottoson at (509) 477-3675.

Click here to view the Greater Morgan Acres Subarea Plan