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Code Enforcement Guide

Many complaints we receive are actually handled by other agencies.  A summary of common complaint topics and agencies that may be able to answer questions or conduct investigations is provided below:

Spokane County Regional Animal Protection (SCRAPS)

(509) 477-2535

  • Loose, abandoned, abused, neglected domestic animals
  • Barking, aggressive, dangerous pets
  • Confined wild animals without permits 

Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency

(509) 477-4727

  • Emission of contaminates to the air (fiber glassing operations, toxic's, etc.)
  • Dust (construction, sandblasting, tracking dirt onto paved roads, etc.)
  • Smoke (woodstove, outdoor burning, field burning, incinerators, etc.)
  • Odors (fumes, commercial composting, etc.)j
  • Renovation, demolition and asbestos
  • Spray painting 

Spokane County Division of Engineering & Roads

(509) 477-3600

  • Junk, weeds, signage, blocked visibility in road right-of-way
  • Road hazards, potholes, ice and snow
  • Road killed animals
  • Traffic signage and devices
  • Stormwater run-off issues, drywells
  • Floodplain issues
  • Encroachments onto public roads
  • Culverts within roadways, ditches
  • Moving permits for structures over public roads
  • General road maintenance issues

Spokane Regional Health District

(509) 324-1560

  • Illegal dumping, burial, or accumulation of trash/waste materials
  • Private sewage disposal
  • Temporary toilets
  • Food handling and preparation, restaurant inspection
  • Rodent and insect infestations
  • Lead paint
  • Private wells and water supplies
  • School inspections

Spokane County Sheriff's Office

Crime Check (509) 456-2233
Emergencies - 911
Crime Stoppers
See It! Say It! 

  • Violent or illegal conduct and behavior
  • Excessive noise or commotion at inappropriate times/locations
  • Property damage (arson, graffiti, intentional destruction)
  • Drug houses, methadone labs, sale possession, manufacturing
  • Auto chop shops
  • Prostitution, lewd behavior, pornography

Washington State Department of Ecology

(509) 329-3400

  • Water rights, diversion, extraction
  • Community wells and water systems
  • Water Quality issues for streams, rivers, lakes and wetlands

Washington State Department of Social & Health Services

1-800-737-0617 (General Information/Complaints)
1-866-363-4276*  (Abuse or Neglect)
* Call 911 if a child or adult is in an emergency situation.

  • License/monitor Adult Day Care Homes
  • License/monitor Day Care Facilities
  • Boarding Homes
  • Nursing Homes
  • Child Protective Services
  • Adult Protective Services

Washington State Department of Labor & Industries

(509) 324-2600

  • Electrical work without permits
  • Electrical hazards
  • Elevator certifications/inspection
  • Factory assembled homes
  • Interior or structural modifications to mobile homes
  • Contractor licensing and bonding
  • Workplace safety
  • Boiler inspection

Washington State Liquor Control Board

(360) 664-9878

  • Licensing of bars and retail liquor outlets
  • Proximity to schools, churches, etc. 

Washington State Department of Natural Resources

(509) 684-7474
1-800-562-6010 (Report a Forest Fire)

  • Timber Harvest and Forest Management
  • Logging road construction
  • Chemical applications to forest lands
  • Protection of streams, wetlands, watersheds
  • Fires on forest and range lands

Local Fire Districts

(See your local phone directory)
Emergencies - 911

  • Hazardous wastes, chemical spills, explosives
  • Vacant, unsecured buildings
  • Improperly maintained exits, exit lights, fire extinguishers, sprinklers, and alarms
  • Blocked hydrants, standpipes, fire lanes
  • Inadequate emergency vehicle access to property improvements
  • Gas leaks
  • Burn permits

City of Spokane Code Enforcement

(509) 625-6083

  • Solid Waste in all areas of the County call (509) 456-7403

Cities and Towns

Individual cities and towns in the County should be contacted for issues not addressed above that lie within the corporate limits of the City of Town.

Airway Heights (509) 244-5578
Cheney (509) 235-7211
Deer Park (509) 276-8802
Fairfield (509) 283-2414
Latah (509) 286-3471
Medical Lake (509) 299-7712
Millwood (509) 924-0960
Rockford (509) 291-4716
Spangle (509) 245-3260
Waverly (509) 283-4122