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Community Development Block Grant Program

Community Development Block Grant graphic shows people working together to improve the community.

Community Development Block Grant logoSpokane County’s Community Services, Housing, and Community Development Department provides oversight of the CDBG and HOME Programs. 

The Housing and Community Development Division provides the technical support necessary to comply with federal laws and regulations, plans for the implementation of the CDBG and HOME programs, allocate funds, establish goals and objectives, and carries out eligible activities.

The Housing and Community Development Division has developed the Annual Action Plan in partnership with the Housing and Community Development Citizen Advisory Committee, the municipal members of the Urban County Consortium, other county departments, area citizens, not-for-profit organizations, local businesses and others.

The Spokane County CDBG and HOME Programs fund eligible activities that address affordable housing, public facility, infrastructure, economic development, public services, and other needs of low-income persons throughout Spokane County.

This could not be done without citizen participation.

  Spokane County- Low/Mod Income Percentages Mapping Tool

2016 CDBG Program Year
Request for Proposals (RFP)
September 27, 2015
The Spokane County Community Services, Housing, and Community Development Department (CSHCD) is seeking proposals for the 2016 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program year. CSHCD will review applications and make recommendations to the Housing and Community Development Advisory Committee (HCDAC). The HCDAC holds a public hearing and makes a recommendation to the Spokane County Board of Commissioners (BOCC). The BOCC, after another public hearing, makes the final decision. Emphasis will be placed on county beneficiaries who would be served with these funds.


Proposals must address a priority need for public facilities, infrastructure, economic development, and planning actions (as contained in the 2016 CDBG Funding Policies, project selection criteria, and RFP.) The 2016 CDBG RFP contains instructions, a timeline for the allocation process, the amount of anticipated funds available, and other pertinent information from the Spokane County Consolidated Plan such as need categories, activities, goals, and objectives.

Eligible applicants include local governments, non-profit agencies with 501(c) (3) designation, public housing authorities, and for-profit entities. Applicants must demonstrate the capacity to carry out their proposal and manage federal funds.

The 2016 CDBG Funding Policies, applications, project selection criteria, and the RFP will be available for download at www.spokanecounty.org/communitysvcs/HCD/content.aspx?c=2219. To obtain electronic or printed copies of the documents, you may also contact CSHCD by phone at 509-477-2588 or at our office location, 312 West 8th Avenue, Fourth Floor, Spokane, WA 99204. Office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

An applicant workshop is planned for October 8, 2015 from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Applicants for infrastructure projects are highly encouraged to attend, due to new policies and procedures. Spokane County is not allocating funds for public or human services, as those projects were funded for two years and, thus, are not being considered this funding round. The CDBG funds are limited and the application process is competitive. For more information on the applicant workshop, call CSHCD at 509-477-2588.
Accommodations and translation services will be provided to the maximum extent feasible to meet the needs of disabled people. If you need an accommodation, please contact CSHCD at least 72 hours in advance at 509-477-2588.


CDBG Budget for 2015

Anticipated 2015Block Grant Entitlement


CAPA Revolving Loan Fund Payments


2015 Program Income (Anticipated)


Total New Funds Available


Plus De-obligated Funds from Prior Year


Total Funds Available for 2015 Projects


Program Administration, Oversight, Compliance & Planning (20%)


Maximum Public Service Funding Allowed (15%)



2015CDBG Projects

Public Services

Public Service Projects - County Wide

Project Name

Amount Funded

New Hope Resource Center

Emergency Services


Second Harvest

Food Bank


Lutheran Community Services



Public Service Projects - 
Cities and Towns


Amount Funded

YWCA- Legal Advocacy & Outreach    

Airway Heights & Spokane Valley


Cheney Outreach-Emergency Assistance



Greater Spokane County Meals on Wheels



The Green House-Emergency Services

Deer Park


Greater Spokane County

Deer Park


Medical Lake Community Outreach

Medical Lake


Spokane Valley Partners- Emergency Services

Spokane Valley


Greater Spokane County Meals on Wheel

Spokane Valley



Affordable Housing

Housing Projects - County Wide

Project Name

Amount Funded

Spokane Neighborhood Action Programs

Emergency Housing Repair


Housing Projects - Cities and Towns

Project Name

Amount Funded


Economic Development

Economic Development Projects - County Wide

Project Name

Amount Funded

Spokane Neighborhood Action Programs

 Financial Access



Public Improvements/Infrastructure - County Wide

Public Improvements/Infrastructure -- County Wide

Project Name

Amount Funded




Public Improvements/Infrastructure - Cities and Towns

Public Improvement/Infrastructure - Cities and Towns


Amount Funded

Street Improvements

Spokane Valley


Water / Street Improvements



Water / Sewer Improvements



Water / Sewer Improvements




Public Facilities

No Projects


No Projects