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Board of County Commissioners

The Spokane County Board of Commissioners is responsible for providing legislative and administrative services to Spokane County. The purpose of this department is to identify and clarify the needs of the people, and ensure the county responds to those needs. The Board executes all legislative power authorized. These powers include, but are not limited to, adopting and enacting the budget, appropriation of expenditures and setting policy. Other powers are establishing fees and comprehensive use plans and conducting public hearings and meetings.

Commissioners' Districts Maps

State of the County Reports

2014-2015 State of the County Report
2014-2015 State of the County Video

2013-2014 State of the County Brochure
2013-2014 State of the County Video

2012-2013 State of the County Report
2012-2013 State of the County Video

2011-2012 State of the County Report
2011-2012 State of the County Video

2010-2011 State of the County Report
2010-2011 State of the County Video

Public Meeting Schedules

Public Meeting Schedules 

Finding Resolutions, Agendas and/or Documents

Resolutions, agenda items and/or documents associated with the meetings of the Spokane County Board of Commissioners are accessible and viewable through the Resolution Directory.  You may search for documents by any combination of various document attributes. Details and/or images are available for each entry.  A list of the first 1000 matching entries is displayed.  The search attributes may be refined to narrow down the search results.  A Help feature is also available within the Resolution Directory.      

Agendas and minutes date back to 8/20/2002.  Resolutions with details and images date back to 1/5/1988.  Resolutions with details only date back to 1/1/1981.  Please contact Eastern Washington State Archives at (509) 235-7508 to request documents prior to these dates.

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