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Criminal Court

Honorable Gregory D. Sypolt

Chief Criminal Judge

Honorable James M. Triplet

Superior Court Judge
Courtroom 204

Current Assignment: Chief Criminal Judge

Appointed: 1996/Elected 1997
Currently Serving 5th term

Judicial Assistant: Karen Bachmeier, 509-477-6373
Court Reporter: Amy Wilkins, 509-477-3869
Contact: Superior Court Department 11

Responsibilities include:

  • Managing the felony criminal caseload from first appearance or
    arraignment through plea setting or trial assignment
  • First Appearances
  • Arraignments
  • Omnibus Hearings
  • Pretrial Hearings
  • Criminal Motions
  • Probation Violation Hearings
  • Fugitive Hearings
  • Legal Financial Obligation (LFO) Hearings

Honorable Linda G. Tompkins

Plea/Sentencing Judge

Honorable Linda G. Tompkins

Superior Court Judge
Courtroom 401

Current Assignment: Plea Judge
Elected: 1998 Appointed 1997
Currently serving 5th term
Judicial Assistant: Jessica Roberts, 509-477-5792
Court Reporter: Anne Brownell, 509-477-4448
Contact: Superior Court Department 10

Responsibilities include:

  • Criminal Pleas and Sentencings 
  • Criminal Motion Hearings 
  • Criminal Restitution Hearings
  • Unlawful Detainer Show Cause Hearings 
  • CR 12 Dismissal Hearings
  • Trials

Honorable Ellen Kalama Clark

ECR Judge

Honorable Ellen Kalama Clark

Superior Court Judge
Courtroom 400

Current Assignment: ECR/Drug Court Judge
Elected: Gubernatorial Appointment 1999
Currently serving 5th term
Judicial Assistant: Tracy Pilkinton, 509-477-6006
Court Reporter: Jennifer Boyd, 509-477-4419
Contact: Superior Court Department 12

Responsibilities include:

  • Adult Drug Court
  • Early Case Resolution Hearings
  • Diversion Hearings
  • DOSA Hearings
  • FOSA Hearings


Current Trial Judge Assignments

Dept. 1
Judge Annette S. Plese
Hon. Annette S. Plese

Dept. 2
Judge James M. Triplet
Hon. James M. Triplet

Dept. 4
Judge Kathleen M. O'Connor
Hon. Kathleen M. O'Connor

Dept. 5
Judge Michael P. Price

Hon. Michael P. Price

Dept. 9Judge John O. Cooney
Hon. John O. Cooney

Dept. 11
Judge Gregory D. Sypolt
Hon. Gregory D. Sypolt


The Criminal Court Coordinator  is responsible for the management and scheduling of criminal cases. The Criminal Court Coordinator is also responsible for coordination of all in-custody transports to and from Superior Court Departments.