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Weeds of Concern

Weeds of Concern have a negative impact on property in Spokane County and when found, the Spokane County Noxious Weed Control Board will encourage their control.

Common Name

Scientific Name

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Bugloss, Annual

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Anchusa arvensis

Annual Bugloss Pic 1 Annual Bugloss Pic 2 Annual Bugloss Pic 3

Cinquefoil, Sulphur

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Potentilla recta

Sulfur Cinquefoil Pic 1 Sulfur Cinquefoil Pic 2 Sulfur Cinquefoil Pic 3

Goatgrass, Jointed

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Aegilops cylindrica

Jointed Goatgrass Pic 1 Jointed Goatgrass Pic 2 Jointed Goatgrass Pic 3

Grounsel, Common

More Information


Senecio vulgaris

Common Groundsel Pic 1 Common Groundsel Pic 2 Common Groundsel Pic 3

Hemlock, Poison

More Information


Conium maculatum

Poison Hemlock Pic 1 Poison Hemlock Pic 2 Poison Hemlock Pic 3


More Information


Cynoglossum officinale

Houndstongue Pic 1 Houndstongue Pic 2 Houndstongue Pic 3

St. Johnswort

More Information


Hypericum perforatum

St. Johnswort Pic 1 St. Johnswort Pic 2 St. Johnswort Pic 3

Thistle, Bull

More Information


Cirsium vulgare

Bull Thistle Pic 1 Bull Thistle Pic 2 Bull Thistle Pic 3

Thistle, Russian

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Salsola kali

Russian Thistle Pic 1 Russian Thistle Pic 2 Russian Thistle Pic 3

Wormwood, Absinth

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Artemisia absinthium

Absinth Wormwood Pic 1 Absinth Wormwood Pic 2 Absinth Wormwood Pic 3