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Ad Valorem Taxing Districts

School Districts    
 Assessment District District Name Tax Abbreviation
 School District 009  Reardan  SD009
 School District 080  Tekoa SD080
 School District 081  Spokane SD081
 School District 123 Orchard Prairie SD123
 School District 312  Great Northern  SD312
 School District 325  Nine Mile  SD325
 School District 326  Medical Lake  SD326
 School District 354  Mead SD354
 School District 356  Central Valley SD356
 School District 358  Freeman SD358
 School District 360  Cheney  SD360
 School District 361  East Valley  SD361
 School District 362  Liberty SD362
 School District 363  West Valley  SD363
 School District 401  St John SD401
 School District 410  Rosalia SD410
 School District 414  Deer Park SD414
 School District 415  Pend Oreille SD415
 School District 416  Riverside  SD416
Fire Districts    
 Assessment District Dist Name Tax Abbreviation
 Fire District 01  Spokane County Fire 1 FD001
 Fire District 02  Spokane County Fire 2 FD002
 Fire District 03  Spokane County Fire 3 FD003
 Fire District 04 Spokane County Fire 4 FD004
 Fire District 05  Spokane County Fire 5 FD005
 Fire District 08  Spokane County Fire 8 FD006
 Fire District 09  Spokane County Fire 9 FD009
 Fire District 10 Spokane County Fire 10 FD010
 Fire District 11 Spokane County Fire 11 FD011
 Fire District 12 Spokane County Fire 12 FD012
 Fire District 13 Spokane County Fire 13 FD013
 Assessment District Dist Name Tax Abbreviation
 Airway Heights  City of Airway Heights CTAIR
 Cheney  City of Cheney CTCHE
 Deer Park City of Deer Park CTDEE
 Fairfield Town of Fairfield CTFAI
 Latah  Town of Latah CTLAT
 Liberty Lake City of Liberty Lake CTLIB
 Medical Lake  City of Medical Lake CTMED
 Millwood City of Millwood CTMIL
 Rockford  Town of Rockford CTROC
 Spangle  Town of Spangle CTSPA
 Spokane  City of Spokane CTSPO
 Spokane Valley City of the Spokane Valley CTSPV
 Waverly Town of Waverly CTWAV
Cemetery Districts    
 Assessment District Dist Name Tax Abbreviation
 Cemetery Dist 1  Spangle Cemetery CD001
 Cemetery Dist 2  West Greenwood Cemetery CD002
 Cemetery Dist 3 Moran Cemetery CD003
 Cemetery Dist 4 Elk Cemetery CD004
 Cemetery Dist 5  Milan Cemetery CD005
 Cemetery Dist 6  Waverly Cemetery CD006
 Assessment District Dist Name Tax Abbreviation
 County General Cons Futures  Conservation Futures CONFUTR
 County General  County COUNTRY
 County Library General  Library District CLLIB
 County Road  County Roads ROADS
 Assessment District Dist Name Tax Abbreviation
 State School  WA State Schools WASCH
 Assessment District Dist Name Tax Abbreviation
 Liberty Lake Transportation  LL Transportation Benefit Dist LLTBD
 Moran Prairie Library  Moran Capital Facilities Dist L11661
 JT Park & Rec Dist 5  Park and Rec Dist 5 P01656

Special Assessment Districts

Irrigation District Principal    
 Assessment District Dist Name Tax Abbreviation
Irrigation District 3 Trentwood Irrigation I03
Irrigation District 6 Orchard Ave Irrigation I06
Irrigation District 7 Carnhope Irrigation I07
Irrigation District 8 North Spokane Irrigation I08
Irrigation District 16 Hutchins Irrigation I16
Irrigation District 17 Pasadena Irrigation I17
Irrigation District 18 Model Irrigation I18
Irrigation District 19 Consolidated Irrigation I19
Irrigation District 20 Moab Irrigation I20
 Assessment District Dist Name Tax Abbreviation
Liberty Lake Stormwater Res1 LL Storm Res1 C15RES1
Liberty Lake Stormwater Com1 LL Storm Com1 C15COM1
Stormwater GR Com1 Storm GR Com1 409GLENC
Stormwater GR Res1 Storm GR Res1 409GLENR
Stormwater NS Com1 Storm NS Com1 409NSPOC
Stormwater NS Res1 Storm NS Res1 409NSPOR
Stormwater UN Com1 Storm UN Com1 409419
Stormwater UN Res1 Storm UN Res1 409419
Stormwater WP Com1 Storm WP Com1 409WPLAC
Stormwater WP Res1 Storm WP Res1 409WPLAR
Spokane Valley SW SW Res C16RES1
Spokane Valley SW SW Com C16COM1
 Assessment District Dist Name Tax Abbreviation
Liberty Lake Drainwater F06 LL Drain F06 C15DW6
Liberty Lake Drainwater F07 LL Drain F07 C15DW7
County Drain F02 DrainF02 DRAINF02
County Drain F03 DrainF03 DRAINF03
County Drain F04 DrainF04 DRAINF04
County Drain F05 DrianF05 DRAINF05
County Drain F08 DrainF08 DRAINF08
County Drain F09 DrainF09 DRAINF09
County Drain F10 DrainF10 DRAINF10
County Drain F12 DrainF12 DRAINF12
County Drain F13 DrainF13 DRAINF13
County Drain F14 DrainF14 DRAINF14
County Drain F15 DrainF15 DRAINF15
County Drain F16 - Not billed DrainF16 DRAINF16
County Drain F17 - Not billed DrainF17 DRAINF17
Spokane Valley DW SV01DW C16DW1
Spokane Valley DW SV13DW C16DW13
 Assessment District Dist Name Tax Abbreviation
Aquifer 2Hous AQUIFER
Aquifer House AQUIFER
Aquifer NH1_5 AQUIFER
Aquifer NH5_8 AQUIFER
Aquifer NH75 AQUIFER
 Assessment District Dist Name Tax Abbreviation
Newman Lake Flood Flood FLOOD
Soil Conservation    
 Assessment District Dist Name Tax Abbreviation
Soil Conservation cnsv1 CNSV
Soil Conservation cnsv2 CNSV
Soil Conservation cnsv3 CNSV
State Fire    
 Assessment District Dist Name Tax Abbreviation
State Forest Patrol Fire1 SFFIRE
State Forest Patrol Fire2 SFFIRE
State Forest Patrol Fire3 SFFIRE
Weed Control    
 Assessment District Dist Name Tax Abbreviation
Weed Weed1 WEED
Weed Weed2 WEED
Weed Weed3 WEED