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Pro Se Forms

Generic Forms for Persons Representing Themselves

These forms are made available for persons representing themselves. These and others are available online at http://www.courts.wa.gov and Spokane County Superior Court for forms specific to Spokane County. Forms and packets of forms are also available in hard copy from the Spokane Bar Association Office located on the 4th Floor Annex of the County Courthouse.

Anyone filing documents with the court should not include sensitive information in any document, unless such inclusion is necessary and relevant to the case or is otherwise ordered by the court. Any personal information not otherwise protected by statute or court rule will be made available at the courthouse.

It is the sole responsibility of the person filing the documents (usually attorneys and the parties to a case) to be sure that all documents filed comply with the rules of the court. The clerk will not review each document for compliance with the requirements. The clerk is not able to provide legal assistance, advice or act on a litigant's behalf in any way.

Form Title Modified Form
Acceptance of Service 4/1/2008 PDF Word
Declaration 4/1/2008 PDF Word
Motion for Order 4/1/2008 PDF Word
Notice of Appearance 7/29/2005 PDF Word
Order 4/1/2008 PDF Word
ProSe Pleading 7/29/2005 PDF Word
Return of Service 4/1/2008 PDF Word

WORD file - Microsoft Word form that can be downloaded then filled out.
PDF file - Portable Document Format (read only) document that can be printed.