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Spokane County Links

Spokane County Code

City of Spokane Municipal Code

City of Spokane Valley Municipal Code

Local Forms

On the sidebar below are links to District, Juvenile, & Superior Courts as well as the Superior Court Clerks Office that have downloadable forms in PDF or Word.

District Court

Click on the Court Forms link to download Civil, Small Claims, Criminal/Infraction, and Name Change forms. 

Juvenile Court

With the Forms and Newsletters link you can obtain packages for Emancipation of Minors and other forms needed.  Also there is information regarding CASA and Becca.

Superior Court

Generic forms for persons representing themselves can be downloaded on this webpage. 

There are a variety of forms available through the Court Forms link.  The list includes Civil Court Forms, Criminal Court Forms, General Pro Se, Family Court, Juvenile, and Guardianship & Trust.

Click on the Court Forms link.  Once loaded click on the Civil Court Forms link.  In the first paragraph of the Civil Court Forms, there is a one page handout for handling your own legal representation.

Superior Court Clerks Office

The county clerks office has information needed on this page for helping you with your case.  Please check the Format & Rules for Pleading (GR 14) when preparing your paperwork.

The clerks office also provides information on access to records, adoptions and etc.
In addition, a link to the Washington State Court forms is on this webpage.