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Spokane County TV

Spokane County TV is a list of links to videos  created by Spokane County and hosted on the Spokane County website or on other networks such as YouTube. This page provides a comprehensive list of all videos made available by Spokane County.

Spokane County Spotlight

This monthly series on KSPS highlights the various programs, projects, and services provided by Spokane County Government.

Board of County Commissioners' Hearings

you tube tv graphicVideo Channels Hosted on YouTube

Spokane County

Videos from select Board of County Commissioner's meetings, hearings, or created by departments directed by the BOCC or that do not have an individual channel YouTube can be found on the Spokane County WA Channel on YouTube.

Parks, Recreation, and Golf

Videos of Liberty Lake, Hangman Valley, and MeadowWood Golf Courses are available on the Spokane County Parks, Recreation, and Golf Channel on YouTube.

Spokane County Sheriff's Office

Videos from the Air-1 helicopter, press conferences, public service announcements and more can be found on the Spokane County Sheriff's Office Channel on YouTube.

Spokane County TV graphicVideos Hosted by Spokane County

Emergency Management

Cooperative Extension

Juvenile Court

Parks, Recreation, and Golf



Stormwater Utility

Superior Court