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Find your Court Date

The information available regarding Spokane County District Court citations, via the Washington Courts search case records system, is currently limited to displaying court dates and a basic list of cases for an individual.

There are several search options listed on the initial Washington Courts search case records page (Court Date, Name, Case, etc.) After you select a search option, you will see a disclaimer screen, after that, the search screen you have chosen. With the exception of Name search, you will need to select a specific court to search, select Spokane County Dist in the "Court Name" field  to find your information. You will need to repeat the process, selecting a different court, if you have more than one court to check.

Attorneys, may click on the Attorney link to find a list of their cases.

Note: The courtroom listed does not reflect the actual courtroom name/number. You will need to inquire at the windows located in the first floor of the Public Safety Building or at the second floor with the receptionist as to which courtroom your hearing will be held.

Hearings listed with a courtroom code of AVL or DVL are normally held at our Valley District Court location of 12710 E. Sprague. Additionally, hearings showing a hearing time before 9:00am do not require the presence of the defendant.

Continue to the Washington Courts Case Search page. 

Childcare is available through Spokane County during your court appearances.