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Small Works Roster

The Small Works Roster lists contractors who have applied for placement on the roster (or rosters) for the completion of small public works projects. Small public works projects are those with an estimated cost of less than $200,000. The County has created a small works roster for different specialties or categories of anticipated work. Each of these categories, such as aerial crane service, fencing, hydro-seeding, roadway construction, etc. will then contain a roster or list of contractors, deemed as qualified by the County, that have applied to be placed on that roster for projects to be done in the work category, or categories. For additional information, please refer to the Informational Brochure, the List of Categories of Work, or the Small Works Roster Application, by linking to the Spokane County Purchasing Department.  Information can also be obtained by sending a request for information to

Projects Awarded (2014 to Present)

The table below lists projects from 2014 to present that were awarded from the Small Works Roster for the Spokane County Public Works Division of Engineering and Roads. 

Registration No
Bid Price
Contract Date
Project #SWR 73-14 
Rambo Rd Slope Reconstruction
Wesslen # WESSLCI980CE $15,250.00 23-Apr-14
Project #SWR 75-14 
Jackson Rd Culvert Replacement
Schimmels Construction # SCHIMC*965R8 $139,799.00 24-Jun-14
Project #SWR 80-14 
Gonzaga University Monitoring Swale
AM Landshaper, Inc. # AMLANI*971DO $52,469.25 2-Oct-14
Project #SWR 81-14 
Shady Slope Bridge
Bridge Scour Mitigation
NA Degerstrom # DEGERNA375N0 $107,741.00 26-Aug-14
Project #SWR 82-14 
Spokane County Tree Removal
Tree trimming/brush removal
Budget Arbor & Logging,Inc. # BUDGEAL995BB $7,174.20 13-Oct-14
Project #SWR 83-14 
Barker Rd at Chapman Rd
Sidewalks/curb ramps
Coman Const. & Excavation Inc. # COMANCE898RZ $3,040.00 6-Oct-14
Project #SWR 84-14 
Dartford Guardrail at MP 1.92 Rt
Frank Gurney Inc. # FRANKG*3060J $11,492.00 4-Nov-14