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Snow Plowing Priority Routes During snow events, Spokane County crews work in 12-hour shifts around the clock to ensure the entire 2,527 road system is plowed.  For additional information, please continue here:  Winter Road Maintenance

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Snow Plowing Priority Routes Map.

Snow plowing & Sanding - Spokane County's maintenance department provides snow and ice control for all county roads.  Snow removal is organized by the following priority system.

    1.    Major arterial routes.
    2.    Secondary and collector arterials.
    3.    Hillside residential areas.
    4.    Other rural access roads and residential streets.

When the roads are plowed the snow must be plowed completely to the curb line to insure mail delivery and to insure that water can reach drains.  Trucks providing traction sand usually follow the plows.  A liquid deicing solution instead of sand may be applied to the more heavily traveled arterials. Liquid deicer is used in an effort to minimize the amount of dust particles in our air.

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