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Pageant Contestants

Madi CastoMadi Casto

The "Lilac City" is my home and while I do my best to be humble, I cannot help but be proud of the rich history that it holds and representing the Spokane Interstate Fair and Rodeo would merely be a privilege. Nelson Mandela said "Do not judge me for when I have fallen, judge me for when I have fallen and gotten back up". In the great sport of rodeo and in life, we may fall or take a tumble but the bull fighters or the pick up men can help us dust off our boots, climb back into the saddle, and help us get back on our way. The rodeo clown may poke fun at us, but "clear minds and full hearts" are what keep us on the path to being better than ourselves. Should I be granted the opportunity, through my travels I plan to promote this way of life, my beautiful "Lilac City", the "Evergreen State", and of course, the 29th Annual Spokane Interstate Rodeo!.  Learn more about Madi Casto. 

Breanna HowellBreanna Howell

I would love the opportunity to become MSIR because throughout the past few years, I have fallen in love with representing my favorite Over the course of my time at college, I haven't been able to give back as much as I have in the past due to my studies. MSIR would allow me to give back to my adoptive rodeo community by being a positive role model and an ambassador to my favorite sport.    Learn more about Breanna Howell. 


Courtney MontgomeryCourtney Montgomery

The rolling thunder can be heard for miles. The bright lights catch the glimmer in the horse's eye as she hunkers down in the chute, the glint of sweat as the cowboy climbs aboard and you can feel the anxiousness of the gate man waiting for the cowboy to nod his head. Boy, oh boy, who wouldn't want to be a part of the adrenaline-pumping action-packed show that is the Spokane Interstate Rodeo. I know I would be honored to represent the volunteers, sponsors, and athletes of Spokane and the Columbia River Circuit as the 2015 Miss Spokane Interstate Rodeo Queen. Learn more about Courtney Montgomery.