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2014 Spokane County Interstate Fair Rodeo Champions

September 5-6, 2014

Bareback Riding:

Chase Erickson of Helena MT on '011 Copy Cat
Score of 78, $1,188.91 (Total of 12 entries)

Barrel Racing:

Jana Bean of Ft. Hancock TX
Time of 17.16 Seconds, $1,379.83 (Total of 57 entries)

Bull Riding:

Sage Steele Kimzey of Strong City OK on 657 Rocky
Score of 82, $1,507.57 (Total of 31 entries)

Saddle Bronc Riding:

Rusty Wright of Milford UT on 806 Hippie Lettuce
Score of 82, $1,488.96, (Total of 30 Entries)

Steer Wrestling:

K.C. Jones of Decatur TX
Time of 4.4 Seconds, $1,758.27 each, (Total of 46 Entries)

Team Roping:

Dustin BIrd of Cut Bank MT and Paul Eaves of Londedell MO (tie)
Spencer Mitchell of Colusa CA and Russell Cardoza of Terrebonne OR
Time of 4.6 Seconds, $1,401.19 each, (Total of 66 Entries)

Tie Down Roping:

Tuf Cooper of Decatur TX
Time of 8.0 Seconds, $1,778.71 each (Total of 47 Entries)