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Saddle Bronc


Saddle BroncPRCA approved saddle with stirrups and a six-foot braided rein


Stay aboard for a full eight seconds and achieve a perfect score of 100.

Disqualified When

  1. Rider touches the animal with his free hand
  2. Rider touches himself or his equipment with his free hand
  3. Rider's foot slips out of a stirrup
  4. Rider drops the bronc rein
  5. Rider fails to have his feet in the proper "mark out" position (feet must be at the break of the animal's shoulder when the horse hits the ground on its first jump out of the chute)
  6. Rider fails to stay aboard for the full eight seconds


The contestant can receive up to 100 points for a qualified ride. The ride is scored by two judges each allowed 25 points for the animal's performance and 25 points for the rider's performance. A rider who synchronizes his spurring action with the bronc's (a wild or untamed horse) bucking efforts will receive a high score. Other factors considered in the scoring are the cowboy's control throughout the ride, the length of his spurring stroke and how hard the horse bucks. Model spurring begins with the mark out position, sweeping to the back of the saddle (or cantle) as the horse bucks. The rider then snaps his feet back to the horse's neck a split second before the animal's front feet hit the ground.