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Steer Wrestling


Steer WrestlingHorse, saddle, and hazing partner which rides parallel to the steer keeping it running in a straight line.


To have the fastest time in the event with no penalties. The steer wrestler starts behind a barrier on horseback and begins chase after the steer has been given a head start. The contestant will ride along the steer's left side, the hazer will ride along the steer's right side. When the steer wrestler's horse pulls even with the steer, he eases down the right side of his horse, reaching for the steer's horns. After grasping the horns and pulling free of his horse, he digs his heels into the dirt. As the steer slows, the cowboy turns the animal, lifts up on its right horn and pushes down with his left hand. The clock stops when the steer is on his side with all four legs pointing in the same direction. This event is usually the quickest event in a rodeo, so don't turn away and miss even one second of the action.

Disqualified When

After the catch, the steer wrestler fails to bring the steer to a stop or change the direction of the animal's body before the throw.


The contestant must give the steer a head start which trips an automatic barrier strung in front of the horse in the roping box. If the horse breaks through the barrier before the steer trips it automatically, the contestant is given a ten second penalty, usually putting him "out of the money".