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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I find out about County employment opportunities?

A. Spokane County now uses NEOGOV as an online hiring system that allows applicants to create a user account/profile, apply for current job opportunities and check the status of their candidacy all online!

Q. Will all Spokane County positions be posted using NEOGOV?

A. Yes, as of March 31, 2014 all of the job openings are using NEOGOV.

Q. Where do I begin?

A. Everything starts at our Spokane County HR web site: and There you will find a link to Employment Opportunities (non-Civil Service) and Employment Opportunities (Civil Service – Sheriff’s Office). Clicking on one of these links takes you to a list of current job openings.

Q. How do I register on NEOGOV to submit an application?

A. If you haven’t yet registered, go to the links above and select “create an account”. Fill in the blanks and follow the instructions to set up your user account. It takes very little time. Above all, remember to keep a record of your username and password once you have set up an account. You will use the same “username” and “password” each time you apply for other positions or check the status of your application.

Q. An email address is required to complete the online application form. What if I don’t have an email account.

A. If you do not already have an email address, free email is available through a number of providers. Though we cannot endorse any particular vendor, you may want to click on these links for more information: Yahoo, and Gmail or search for other free email sources.

Q. What if I don’t have computer / internet access?

A. There are a number of ways to apply online for Spokane County jobs:

  • You may use the public computers located at most libraries
  • Worksource Spokane
  • Family and friends may also have internet access available for your use
  • There are computers available in our Human Resources lobby. We are located at 1229 West Mallon Avenue, Spokane, WA. The entrance to our building is on the east side. Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM.

Q. What if the online application requires an electronic document attachment such as a resume, cover letter, writing sample or drivers abstract and I only have a paper copy?

A. These documents, if not already on your computer, need to be scanned in and saved. Most public libraries in Spokane County have scanning capability for public use. Also, check with your local UPS store or print shop to see if they offer this service for a small fee. NOTE: The HR and Civil Service departments are not able to scan documents for you.

Q. Can I apply for a Spokane County job by e-mail?

A. No. The Spokane County recruitment process is fully automated. Applicants must login to the Spokane County web site, or to apply for Spokane County government positions. Applications submitted via postal mail, email, fax or hand-delivered will not be accepted.

Q. Can I apply with a resume instead of an application form?

A. No. A resume will not be accepted instead of an application form. A resume may be attached to our required online application form, if requested; however, it may not be used as a substitute for completing any part of our application package.

Q. Can I apply for more than one job?

A. Yes. You can apply for each position for which you are interested and for which you think you are qualified. With NEOGOV, once your application is created, you can apply it to any job opening.

Q. What is the deadline date to apply for a job?

A. Each position will be posted with a specific deadline date to apply or as an “open continuous” process. For those with a specific date, applications must be submitted no later than 11:59p.m. on that deadline date. Applications will not be accepted after the deadline date. If the position you are applying for is open continuous, you may submit your application any time.

Q. Can I add additional information to my application after the deadline date?

A. No. Changes can only be made to your application prior to the deadline date.

Q. How will I know whether I am being considered for the job?

 A. Once you have created a username and password under the Application Login section and have applied for a position through Spokane County Human Resources’ website, you should login periodically to check your application status. The department that is doing the hiring may also use NEOGOV to inform you about your interview if and when that may occur.

Q. How do I get help registering with NEOGOV?

A. Spokane County is committed to ensuring that this process is easy and user-friendly. To help applicants, the following resources are available:

  • Online Application Guide • Help – found on the Applicant Login page in NEOGOV
  • Telephone assistance from Human Resources during regular business hours: Monday – Friday; 8:30 am – 5:00 pm (509) 477-5750.
  • In person: 1229 West Mallon Avenue, Spokane, WA; Human Resources Building, enter through the east door.

Q. How do I access my on-line account once it has been established?

A. Once you have established your account, you may access your account by clicking “Applicant Login” located on the Spokane County Human Resources or Civil Service job opportunities page anytime and whenever you have internet access. You may check the status of your applications(s), update your applications(s), or create a new application, and view all jobs for which you have applied.

Q. Who do I contact if I have issues accessing my on-line account?

A. If you are having issues with your login or have forgotten your password, use the ‘forgot my password’ link that is directly below the username/password login box on the Applicant Login page. The system will generate an email with that information. Please be sure to check your spam/junk mail folders and also add and to your ‘safe sender’ list. If you still do not receive the email notice, then contact NEOGOV Customer Support toll free at 1-888-NEOGOV1 and follow the prompts for ‘applicant’ assistance.

Q. When is the Employment Opportunities list updated? I don’t want to miss my chance to apply.

A. The list may be updated every business day. Seasonal and temporary jobs may have shorter recruitment periods and can open and close at any time. HINT: If you check your own e-mail frequently, set up a ‘Job Interest Card’, noting which specific job categories are of interest to you. Each time a job opens in a selected category, you will receive email notification.

Q. Can I apply for a job that isn’t advertised now?

A. No. We are only able to process application information submitted in response to a specific advertised vacancy. If you wish to receive email notification when a job you are interested in becomes available, sign up for the ‘Job Interest Card’ service.

Q. Can I apply for a job shown under County Employees Only?

A. Only current Spokane County Government employees in specified bargaining units, as noted on the posting, may apply for County Employees Only jobs. Information for Civil Service Openings

Q. Is Civil Service using NEOGOV for their recruitments?

A. Yes. Therefore, any employee wanting to apply for a Civil Service position will need to create a NEOGOV account and apply using that tool.

Q. What are “Civil Service” opportunities?

A. All classified jobs in our Sheriff’s office fall under Civil Service rules. The Civil Service rules may be found here. Scroll down to the bottom of the list to find Civil Service Rules.

Q. Why are some positions Civil Service positions?

A. The Spokane County Civil Service hiring process is guided by RCW 41.14 which “establishes a merit system of employment for county deputy sheriffs and other employees of the office of county sheriff, thereby raising the standards and efficiency of such offices and law enforcement in general”.

Q. What is the typical testing process for Civil Service positions?

A. All Sheriff Office positions will have examinations in written and/or oral format, and, when appropriate, include physical and practical tests. Applicants who receive a passing grade of 70% or better will be placed on an eligibility list. Those who have a bachelor’s degree (any subject) or a two-year degree in a program related to the position will receive two (2) additional points to their passing grade. Veteran’s preference points are awarded according to RCW 41.04.010. Documentation is required to receive these additional points.

Q. How important is the integrity interview?

A. Integrity interviews will be held according to the candidate’s position on the eligible list. The Sheriff’s Office has a high standard of acceptable behavior. It is possible for candidates to be removed from the eligibility list based upon information received during an integrity interview and subsequent background investigations.

Q. What if I have the highest score on a Civil Service test?

A. The Sheriff’s Office follows a selection rule of five (5) for all entry-level positions. This means the Sheriff can select anyone from the top five (5) candidates for one position. Information for Bargaining Unit Openings

Q. Our contract requires that we sign the bottom of the posted job vacancy notice. Will this change?

A. No. You will continue to follow the contract language and sign the bottom of the department’s posting.

Q. Our contract requires that we complete the Spokane County application to apply for a position. Will the paper application be available to use?

A. No. You will need to use NEOGOV, create an account, complete your application (once) and then submit your application for each and every posting.

Q. HR faxes out individual postings for the various bargaining units to various County office locations. Will this continue?

A. Not entirely. HR will no longer send out individual posting notices. Instead, we will send out a list of all openings, including those in each bargaining unit, to various County office locations. That list will identify individual job openings and the bargaining unit in which that position belongs. We will not send individual postings. Departments will have the responsibility to post that list in the usual visible locations. Employees can also look on the HR website for a list of all current job opportunities at any time, day or night.