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Information Systems
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Spokane, WA 99260
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Information Systems Department

Spokane County Information Systems Department's primary goal is to deliver business services that empower, support and serve other county departments in the accomplishment of their missions. The department provides support for planning, design, implementation and operation of cost-effective information technologies and methodologies to over 50 departments and public service organizations.

ISD Employees as of March, 2014

Our mission...

Our mission is to provide Spokane County with the technical leadership and expertise to manage networks and computer systems. By focusing on customer-driven solutions, we coordinate and provide planning, education, services and tools in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Our organization...

ISD is structured into three divisions:

Administration - ISD Director and administrative staff.

Technical Services - We provide network, communication, database, hardware, desktop, telephone and video conferencing support services.

Application / GIS Services - We provide services ranging from system analysis/design, development, implementation, ongoing maintenance, needs assessment and application procurement assistance. We will assist our customers as they define their system needs and aid them in determining the best system for their needs. We assist in evaluations of vendor systems and offer recommendations for purchase. We develop and support applications to meet the business needs of County departments, displaying and/or processing text, image and GIS data, as well as providing interfaces between systems to gain efficiencies in County operations. We also provide management, development and support services for the Spokane County GIS program. Our development efforts have yielded systems for virtually every County department, including Public Works, the Courts, the Prosecutor, Public Defender, Budget, Purchasing, Auditor, Assessor and Treasurer. 

For information about systems developed by Spokane County, please contact ISD.