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Idaho Funeral Homes

The following is a partial list of funeral homes located in Idaho State. This list is comprised of funeral homes that frequently service the Spokane area. This is not meant to be a complete listing of all funeral homes in Idaho State.

The appearance of phone numbers and hyperlinks does not constitute endorsement by the Spokane County Medical Examiner's Office.
Funeral Home Phone Number
Bell Tower Funeral Home - Post Falls (208) 457-8880
Cofelt Funeral Home - Sandpoint (208) 263-3133
English - Coeur d'Alene (208) 664-3133
English - Post Falls (208) 773-3425
Hodge Funeral Home - St. Maries (208) 245-2611
Lakeview - Sandpoint (208) 263-3180
Shoshone Funeral Service - Kingston (208) 486-5121
Yates - Coeur d'Alene (208) 664-3151