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Greater Spokane Emergency Management-Significant storm damage in Spokane County

July 25, 2014 Gerry Bozarth, PIO

Late afternoon, Wednesday, July 23rd our area suffered serious damage caused by Thunderstorms and high winds. Numerous large trees were uprooted or simply broken off due to this extreme weather. Fortunately, there were no deaths and only minor injuries reported. Spokane County Fire District 4 (FD4) responded immediately to the emergency unfolding in the Riverside Mobile Home Park near Deer Park, WA. Riverside Mobile Home Park is home to approximately 700 residents with the north section disproportionally affected by this storm. 31 mobile homes were directly hit by falling trees. Many were made uninhabitable and several cars, sheds, and outbuildings were also destroyed. Spokane County’s Urban Search & Rescue Team assisted FD4 and completed a search of all mobile homes to ensure no one was trapped or injured Thursday morning. Everyone in the park has been accounted for. A Red Cross Shelter has been established at Riverside High School: 4120 E Deer Park Milan Rd, Chattaroy. The shelter is serving 3 meals/day to local residents and several families stayed the night Thursday. The Red Cross will have a shelter in the area for as long as necessary as they continue their assessment of resident needs.

Approximately 10,500 customers of Avista and Inland Power in and around the N. Spokane/Deer Park area including the mobile home park are without power. The power companies report most customers should have power today or late Saturday with the exception of Riverside Mobile Home Park due to extensive damage to electrical infrastructure. Power will be restored once repairs have been made by the park owners. A boil order has been issued for those in the affected areas. Water needs are being met by bottled water usage and at the current location of the Red Cross Shelter. Meals on Wheels in the City of Deer Park is available for homebound seniors and disabled. Additional needs are temporary storage containers for displaced residents and money to support the American Red Cross.

Current Safety Recommendations:
If you come across a downed power line that has not been reported, treat it as live and contact 911.
• Tree's, be cautious of downed trees and those that look like they are damaged or might fall.
• Lightening strikes in the area. May not show themselves. If you see any signs of fire, call 911.
• Never leave candles unattended if you use them for light in your home. Please consider battery powered lights for nighttime use.

Tree Removal Contact:
• Spokane County, (509) 477-3600
• City of Spokane, (509) 625-7737