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Share the Trails - Learn more about Trail Etiquette!Dogs must be kept on Leash. It's the Law!Report illegal activity using our online reporting form.

Park Ranger - Education & Enforcement Program

Mission Statement

Encourage responsible recreation behaviors through positive management techniques. These techniques will protect user needs, be environmentally responsible, and work to reduce conflicts between user groups while protecting public health and safety.

Education & Enforcement

Spokane County Parks with funding assistance from the State of Washington Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO) has developed an Education and Enforcement (E&E) program. The E&E program is designed to preserve and protect outdoor opportunities while reducing conflict between user groups and neighboring land owners.

To Report An Illegal Activity In a Park

Please contact the park ranger at or call (509) 998-8807 to report illegal activity such as shooting in a park or motorized activity in areas not allowed (such as the conservation areas) that may not present a current and real danger to public safety.

To report a maintenance issue, such as a tree blocking a trail, call (509) 926-4616

To report a crime in progress: please call Crime Check at (509) 456-2233.

For emergencies: Dial 911.

To report poaching (fishing or hunting): Dial 1-877-933-9847 or dial 911 if in progress.

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