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As one of our participants’ favorites, the county volleyball program never falls short of players!  When it’s cool outside these players heat up the courts inside many local school gyms.  Usually played on Friday nights, our volleyball leagues are a fun sport to play with friends and family throughout the fall, winter and spring seasons! 

Click here to register for Fall Volleyball!

****Drop-In Volleyball***
Scheduled to resume on September 22nd.
Time: 6:00pm - 9:00pm   |   Cost: $3.00 per person
Monday: Northwood Middle School
Tuesday: Bowdish Middle School
Wednesday: Mountainside Middle School

Open Gym Night - September 12th


  1. Losing teams must move to another court.
  2. If teams are waiting for a game, playing teams may not play more than two consecutive games.
  3. Teams are encouraged to arrive early to guarantee play time.
  4. Teams must provide their own ball
  5. 45 minute time limit per match
  6. 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
  7. Only registered teams with submitted rosters are eligible to participate.

Locations & Divisions

  • The HUB - D/D+ North and Valley divisions
  • Bowdish Middle School - C/C+ North and Valley divisions
  • Horizon Middle School - A Valley division and B/B+ Valley division
  • North Pines Middle School - B+ North division