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Lost and Found Pets

SCRAPS is NOT responsible for matching any pet posted on this site with animals that may be at our shelter or at another shelter in our area. Please see our Impounded Animals page for information regarding animals currently at our shelter as well as links to other area shelters.

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Lost or FoundDateTypeBreed/Description
lost5/29/2015Catnot provided, male, fixed, friendly, all gray
lost5/29/2015OtherRussian Tortoise, Size of soft ball
lost5/29/2015DogGerman Shepard, not provided
lost5/26/2015CatHimalayan , Blue eyes, black paws
lost5/13/2015CatDomestic short hair , tan belly. Swirl markings on sides.
lost5/17/2015DogHusky x short hair pointer mix, Micro chipped. Purple and black collars
lost5/23/2015CatUnknown, Blue collar with Heart shaped name tag, Pink stone
lost5/25/2015CatMed/short Hair, obese, orange "ring" on front white paw
lost5/23/2015CatCalico, White splotch on back; multi colored face;long hai
Found5/27/2015OtherRabbit, tamed, not provided
lost5/23/2015CatMedium Hair orange calico (i t, Broken tail, the top third bends funny
lost5/26/2015DogLabrador Retriever , Wearing a blue E-Collar and is an in-tact male
lost5/27/2015DogBlack Lab, Purple spots on tongue, pink collar
lost5/27/2015CatMedium hair, Crooked tail and yellow eyes
lost5/23/2015DogGerman wire hair pointer , Left front tooth gone, right one chiped
lost5/27/2015Dogchawowa, black spot on toung
lost5/24/2015DogLabrador, No collar, Overwieght
Found5/26/2015Catlong hair, very fat and fluffy black
lost5/26/2015DogPekingese, Grey and black collar
lost5/12/2015DogSchnauzer/terrier, brownish beard
Found5/23/2015CatDomestic Short Hair, Very tiny white patch on belly
lost5/26/2015Doglab mix large, choker collar
Found5/26/2015DogBorder collie/Lab mix?, none
Found5/26/2015DogPug, Brown collar, No ID, well groomed
Found5/26/2015DogShepard mix, no color, very friendly
lost5/23/2015CatHUGE cat , 22-27lbs very large cat. Creamy underbelly
lost5/26/2015DogTerrier Mix, licensed. erect ears, 12 pounds
lost5/26/2015Dogolder red hairy dog, gray color with tags older long redhair dog
lost5/20/2015Catnot provided, chubby, neutered
lost5/25/2015Catnot provided, extra toes on front feet. 'thumbs'
lost5/26/2015DogRottweiler Shepard mix, Long tail that drags, pink stripped collar
lost5/23/2015CatSiamese, not provided
Found5/25/2015DogLarge black and grey long hair, Looks old and malnourished
lost5/23/2015CatShort Haired, Chubby
lost5/15/2015Catnot provided, Long hair ,blue collar
lost5/24/2015Doghusky mix, bright blue eyes, may still be wearing collar
lost4/23/2015Catnot provided, Green flea collar
Found5/25/2015Catnot provided
lost5/24/2015DogChihuahua , Short hair. Weary of strangers.
lost5/25/2015DogGerman Shephard/Collie, Brown Leather Collar - Huge Ears!
lost5/23/2015CatOrange tabby,female, 2 years o, has 6 toes on her front right paw, has a microchip
lost6/20/2011Catdomestic medium hair, neutered, large black spot by nose, 1 cropped ear
lost5/24/2015DogAustralian Shepard & maybe, Blue-gray collar & flea collar
lost5/21/2015Catshort-hair tabby, white paws, darker fur down spine & tail
lost5/23/2015DogShih Tzu, long hair
Found5/24/2015DogJack Russell terrier, brown on face
Found5/24/2015Dogfemale mixed breed may have so, white on chest, some grey or white on paws
lost5/22/2015DogShelty , long hair, lame left paw
lost5/23/2015DogLong-Haired Chihuahua, Black, Brown face,chest&legs,White belly&chest
Found5/24/2015DogSmall, Mix Breed...Possible po, Blue collar
lost5/24/2015CatHe's a cat. A long haired cat., white chest and paws
lost5/23/2015DogWesty terrier, diabetic needs meds
Found5/23/2015CatHimalayan or Siamese, not provided
Found5/21/2015Doglooks like a heeler maybe a mi, pink collar
Found5/23/2015DogPitbull?, scared of men, knows commands
Found5/21/2015Doglooks like a heeler maybe a mi, pink collar
lost5/17/2015CatDomestic long hair, Drools when happy or being petted
lost5/22/2015Catmanx, bob tail
lost5/21/2015CatDomestic Shorthair, missing back leg
lost5/20/2015DogChihuahua , Green color no tags
Found5/7/2015Catmaine coon, collar, black feet,white chin,young and sweet
lost5/21/2015DogSmall Terrier mix, Green collar
lost5/18/2015Catdomestic short hair, black/white tuxedo white chin white paws
lost5/17/2015CatUnsure, Long nose, wearing collar with bell, tags
lost5/15/2015Catshort-hair, darker ridge of fur down spine & tail. Collar?
lost5/16/2015CatCalico , Patch of fur on back in shape of heart
Found5/20/2015DogChihuahua, Female; curly tail; darker hair around eyes
lost5/20/2015DogMaltese mis, Fixed male
lost5/20/2015Dogpug/chihuahua mix , her left eye is smaller and she has snagged teeth
lost5/20/2015Dogjack russel terrior, blue and black collar with white stars.
lost5/19/2015DogChihuahua, Blonde with a mostly white face
lost5/16/2015CatYoung male Tabby, Fluffy tail, Neutered
lost5/19/2015Doghound, pink collar, w/tags about 45 lbs, one year old
lost5/19/2015Dogsmall white and blackish brown, was wearing a pink flowered collar
lost5/16/2015CatMancoon Long Hair, One fang, scar on inside left rear paw
lost5/15/2015CatBlackNWhite short hair , White legs ,Bunny like Fur ,Sleepy eyes.
Found5/18/2015DogBloodhound, no collar or obvious other features
lost5/15/2015Catdomestic short hair, "w" marking on forehead; 9 months old (small)
lost5/16/2015DogYorkie/Westie mix, not provided
lost5/15/2015DogLab/Husky Mix, purple collar, no tag, long tail, black eyes
lost5/18/2015DogHusky, has one blue eye and one brown eye
lost5/18/2015DogHusky, Blue Collar with Tag
lost5/17/2015DogLab/Australian Shepherd, Red collar with paw marks
lost5/8/2015DogBrindle, white patch on chest, one white toe nail.
lost5/10/2015CatDSH, Calico, limps, heart shape on forehead
lost5/15/2015DogPomeranian Chihuahua, Looks like a long haired chihuahua, 6 lbs
lost5/16/2015DogBorder Collie , Small stature, 25-30lbs, leather collar, long tail
lost5/16/2015DogBorder Collie , Small stature, 25-30lbs, leather collar, long tail
lost5/16/2015Dogchihuahua, not provided
lost5/15/2015Catnot provided, half of a tail black tail, white back right leg
lost5/15/2015Catdomestic short hair, crooked tail
lost5/14/2015Dogpug, crusted nose wearing a blue collar with white bone
lost5/12/2015Catshort-hair tabby, darker fur along spine & tail. may wear collar
lost3/2/2015DogScnauzer/terrier, brownish beard
lost5/15/2015DogBoston Terrier, Shaved spots with healing bite wounds.
Found5/12/2015CatDMH, Recently spayed
lost5/10/2015Catcalico, limps, heart shape on forehead
lost5/15/2015DogYORKIE, ABOUT 3LBS
lost5/15/2015CatLong hair (15 yrs old), Looks like he hasn't eaten but he's well fed
lost5/14/2015DogPug, Blk mask, deaf
lost5/7/2015CatBlack tuxedo , White underbelly, blue/green eyes
lost5/7/2015CatBlack tuxedo , White underbelly, blue/green eyes
lost5/7/2015DogBlack tuxedo, , Black and white face. Green/blue eyes
lost5/7/2015DogBlack tuxedo, , Black and white face. Green/blue eyes
lost5/12/2015Catdomestic short hair - altered , reddish collar, darker fur down spine & tail
lost5/11/2015Dogpapillon , black ears and eye patch
Found5/13/2015CatTabby/Calico?, Kitten/young cat, short hair, very friendly.
lost5/13/2015DogLab Mix, white tip tail, white belly, white paws
lost5/12/2015Dogblue healer mix , he has one blue eye
lost5/13/2015CatPersian, Very flat face, yellow collar, knots in tummy fur
lost5/8/2015Catdomestic shorthair, not provided
lost5/11/2015Dogsmall long haired Chihuahua , black eye patch, pink multicolored collar
lost4/28/2015CatDSH, right ear has split, white patch on chest
lost5/10/2015OtherRussian Tortoise, Shell is 5" long, has flake missing on top
lost5/5/2015DogShitzu/ Havenese, one tooth that always likes to stick out
lost5/10/2015CatYellow tabby, White chest w/yellow mark in middle
lost5/10/2015Catcalico, heart shape on forehead
Found5/5/2015Dogpit bull, not provided
Found5/11/2015Dogminpin, collar
lost5/10/2015Catdomestic long hair, green eyes, overweight
lost5/9/2015CatTabby, Neutered Male, black stripes
lost4/30/2015Catlong hair tuxedo, cloudy right eye, missing 1 tooth
lost5/5/2015DogBorder Collie, Scar on lower lip, silver collar with tags
Found5/1/2015Dogpossible maltese or lhasa apso, not provided
lost5/8/2015Cattabby cat, oranged marled coat
lost5/9/2015Catdomestic, black with a white/gray undercoat
lost5/10/2015DogOld English Bulldog, Not Neutered. Has Mange On his back.
lost5/9/2015Catnot provided, looks like a dairy cow.
Found5/10/2015DogWestie / terrier , white/black collar no tags
lost5/6/2015DogAustralian Cattle Dog/Heeler M, Diamond Shape on Forehead & Dark Saddle on Back
Found5/10/2015Dognot provided, black collar with bits of green and red
Found4/8/2015DogHeeler/shepard mix?, Collar yellow microchip tag
lost5/9/2015DogGolden/lab mix, black collar
lost5/9/2015DogGerman Shepard , bio symmetrical dark circles on head between ears
lost5/8/2015CatDSH - Male/ Nutered, White chest, paws, tip of tail & muzzle.
lost5/9/2015DogLab, Greying chin and choke chain collar
lost5/9/2015Catpom, has tags on pink collar
lost5/6/2015CatDomestic Long Hair, Entire bottom jaw and chest is white/white wiskers
lost5/7/2015CatDomestic medium hair , Entire bottom jaw and chest is white/white wiskers
lost5/6/2015CatMedium length hair, his tail is slightly crooked at the tip
Found5/8/2015DogPug, Older dog. Out of date tags. Name Ceasar
lost5/7/2015Catdomestic medium hard , all black she had thumbs. her toes point put like
lost5/8/2015DogShepard lab mix, not provided
lost5/8/2015DogMiniature Pinscher, missing collar; has a chip
lost5/8/2015Cattabby white chest and feet, white chest and feet
lost5/4/2015Catnot provided, short tail lots of toes
Found5/8/2015DogBeagle, not provided
Found5/8/2015DogPit x ?, camo type collar
lost5/3/2015Catgrey tabby, polydactyl (extra toe, looks like a thumb)
lost5/2/2015Catchubby old but energetic tabby, neutered declawed no tags or collar
lost5/4/2015CatRagdoll, gold collar. teal eyes
lost5/3/2015Doggerman shepard, no collar, female
lost5/4/2015Cattiger striped short hair tabby, declawed front paws, neutered
lost5/7/2015DogPit Bull, choke chain with rabies and license tags limps
lost5/7/2015DogPit Bull, choke chain with rabies and license tags limps
lost3/24/2015DogChihuahua , neuterd, had a pink color and heart id tag
lost5/6/2015CatSiamese, Siamese coloring, blue collar with tag
lost5/4/2015CatMaine Coon, Pink collar and chip
lost4/30/2015CatDomestic Long Hair, White chin, chest, belly, and toes/paws
lost5/5/2015DogBorder Collie, Collar
lost5/5/2015DogGolden Lab, Has a slight limp, collar with id tag
lost5/5/2015DogChocolate Lab, Has on a collar with id tag
Found5/5/2015DogShepard, lab mix?, black/tan face, tan legs, mostly black
lost5/4/2015Catall black, all black long tail
lost5/4/2015DogGreyhound lab mix , not provided
lost5/4/2015DogGreyhound lab mix , not provided
lost4/15/2015CatSiamese Linx, Black and white striped tail-crooked, blue eyes
Found5/1/2015DogFluffy dog, Shitzu/Lhasa Apso/, No collar
Found5/5/2015Doggerman sheppard, flea coller spiked choker
Found4/30/2015Dogmix, small dog, ears are pointy, eyes are same color as
lost5/4/2015CatDomestic Shorthair, not provided
Found5/1/2015Doghusky, blue eyes
lost4/29/2015CatDomestic shorthair , Spayed
Found5/3/2015DogChihuahua Mix? 10-15 pounds, curled black tail
lost5/3/2015DogChihuahua/ Miniature Pinscher, white mark on chest, bald spot on forehead
lost5/1/2015Cattabby, no tags or chip. not fixed
lost4/5/2015CatDomestic Long Hair, Very light green eyes, neutered, avid microchip
lost4/23/2015DogLong Haired German Shepherd, none
lost5/2/2015DogAthena is a pitbull/Zeva is a , Athena has a lighting strike on her head
Found5/2/2015Dogterrier (small), all white, no tags, appears to be deaf and blind
lost5/2/2015DogPit bull Boxer Mastiff, puzzle piece on his head
Found5/2/2015DogHeeler/Shepherd mix, leather collar
Found5/1/2015DogLab, White paws
lost5/1/2015DogUnknown, No collar or tags
lost5/1/2015CatTuxedo, Has a chip
lost4/30/2015CatSiamese/tabby mix, Tips of ears/tail darker grey. She is very thin.
lost5/1/2015DogRed Labrador Retriever, Shoulder blades have white fur strip
lost4/26/2015CatDsh, Stuffy nose, very skinny
lost5/1/2015DogChihuahua mix breed, has a rainbow harness, light blue leash with color
lost5/1/2015DogClumber Spaniel, full tail, blue collar,~90lbs, 9- mile area
lost4/30/2015DogPug, Blue color with microchip tag, county tag and ID
lost4/26/2015CatRagdoll, Blue eyes, long hair
lost4/30/2015Catlong hair tuxedo, cloudy right eye, missing 1 tooth
lost4/28/2015CatShorthair torby, blue patterned collar, green eyes
lost4/28/2015CatSiames , Black face
lost4/30/2015DogUnsure, Small to medium size. Very fluffy, always panting.
lost4/30/2015CatBig dark grey tabby , Short crooked tail
lost4/28/2015CatDSH, none
lost4/30/2015Dogchihuahua, 10-15 lbs. long hair on ears & tail
lost4/29/2015DogDachshund Jack Russell Terrier, Pink collar, long legs, about 13 lbs.
Found4/24/2015Catnot provided, medium hair