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Lost and Found Pets

SCRAPS is NOT responsible for matching any pet posted on this site with animals that may be at our shelter or at another shelter in our area. Please see our Impounded Animals page for information regarding animals currently at our shelter as well as links to other area shelters.

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Lost or FoundDateTypeBreed/Description
lost7/29/2014Catnot provided, 6 toes on front paws
lost7/22/2014CatSiamese mix/Ragdoll Siamese, long hair, grey face and grey ears, microchipped
Found7/31/2014DogBoarder Collie, bit of grey on face with white
lost7/29/2014Dogchiwawa/rotweiller, hes about twice the size of a chiwawa withoverbite
lost7/31/2014DogYorkiepoo, Long shaggy hair south hill
lost7/23/2014CatHimalayan, White boots, White mark right side of nose
lost7/30/2014DogGolden retriever and Lhasa aps, My Lhasa has a orange collar with paws on it
lost7/30/2014DogYorkie Mix, Cropped tail, long puppy ears
lost7/30/2014DogYorkie Mix, Cropped tail, long puppy ears
Found7/29/2014DogBlack Lab Male, Blue Collar with a rope and a clip attached
lost7/24/2014DogLhaspa Apso, not provided
lost7/28/2014Catmanx mix (one inch tail), purple collar with tags, eyes yellowish-green
lost7/20/2014CatPersian x long hair with white, not provided
lost7/29/2014OtherRed-footed tortoise, Red on shell, watery eyes, 5-6 Inches long
lost7/25/2014OtherQuaker Parrot, Aluminum band on her anckle
lost7/28/2014Catdomestic short hair, kitten with all paws white
Found7/29/2014Dogboarder collie, not provided
Found7/29/2014Dogborder collie, not provided
Found7/29/2014Dogchihuahua, Missing right eye and has tumor looking lumps
lost7/26/2014DogLong Haired Dachshund, not provided
lost7/21/2014CatLong Hair, Female, spayed, fluffy tail & body, ID chip
lost7/28/2014Doghusky, two different colored eyes
lost7/28/2014DogOlder white dog , She is deaf
lost7/27/2014Dogpomeranian/ cooker span mix, one ear flaps down and one is up, spiral tail
lost7/28/2014Dogcocker spaniel/ pomeranian , female spade floppy ears
Found7/27/2014DogGolden Retriever, Docked tail, older dog
Found7/23/2014Catshort hair , cute 8 week old kitten
Found7/23/2014Catshort hair , cute 8 week old kitten
lost7/27/2014CatShorthair tuxedo cat, Black back,white belly & legs,white strip on face
lost7/22/2014CatDomestic Short Hair, scattered white hairs across shoulders
lost7/21/2014CatTabby, has a feeding tube and a hot pink bandage
lost7/26/2014DogMastiff mix, Red collar
Found7/28/2014DogPoodle/poodle mix female, larger dog, collar has blue design, Spokanimal tag
lost7/25/2014DogBlood Hound, No collar, scar on belly
Found7/27/2014Dogspaniels, not provided
lost7/21/2014CatTabby, Red collar with bell. Declawed. Chunky.
Found7/27/2014DogTerrier, Bark collar, collar with name tag
lost7/8/2014CatDomestic long hair ...... Fixe, She have microchip about 6-8 yrs old
lost7/26/2014CatSiamese, blue eyes, white spot on belly, no collar
Found7/27/2014Dogterrier, green & silver collar, well groomed
Found7/25/2014Catnot provided, looks to be a 4 month old kitten
lost7/26/2014DogDachshund - long hair - girl, not provided
Found7/9/2014Catnot provided, tiny nick on his right ear
lost7/26/2014DogBlue healer/boarder collie, Blue collar, very shy
Found7/26/2014DogMini schnauzer, not provided
lost7/21/2014DogHusky mix, black collar with skull and cross bones with a tag
lost7/25/2014CatGray and White Tabby, Her tail has a kink at the tip
Found7/15/2014CatTabby, Face is mostly white with an orange spot
lost6/26/2014CatMixed, Black Fur on One Eye White Fur on other eye & nose
lost7/25/2014CatTabby, long and fat 1 yr old cat
lost6/22/2014Dogshizu pom, colbert hwy2 to spokane
lost7/25/2014DogPug, hard time breathing
lost7/25/2014DogPomeranian , Very long fur
lost7/6/2014DogEnglish Setter, large liver spot, eyes mostly brown
lost7/25/2014DogJack Russell short leg wire ha, He does not have his collar on. chewed off
lost7/24/2014Dogtoy chuiahaha, black terrior c, COLORS BLUE AND PINK
Found7/25/2014DogBeagle, older dog, not chipped, no collar, very friendly
Found7/24/2014Dogchihuahua mix, blue harness
lost7/23/2014Dogchihuahua , orange n black harness
lost7/3/2014CatTuxedo , Crooked tail. Very wild ,scared ,
lost5/27/2014Dogjack russell terrier, black in corners of mouth,cropped tail, 1 year old
lost7/17/2014Catorange tabby, thin, scar on back right paw
lost7/24/2014DogLhasa apso, not provided
lost7/22/2014DogBorder collie Retriever mix, Log hair medium size
lost7/23/2014CatDomestic Short Hair, Lazy eye, shine light one pupil will dialate,
lost7/23/2014Dogpug, Jack Russell terrier miz, not provided
lost7/24/2014CatTabbie Short hair, camouflage collar with bell and phone number
Found7/23/2014Dogspringer spaniel, not provided
lost7/22/2014CatLong-haired Russian Blue, Very fluffy
lost7/23/2014Dogpitbull, Grey with white markings and paws
lost7/1/2014Cattortie, broken canine tooth
lost7/20/2014DogBoston terrior, Pink collar, cropped crooked tail, pure-bred mask
lost7/19/2014DogMin Pin Mix, red harness collar/pet chipped/15-17 lbs
lost7/22/2014DogBassett hound , No collar. Bad hair cut from child on back
lost7/20/2014OtherSulcata Tortoise, Bigger then a Dinner Plate.
lost7/20/2014OtherRussian tortoise, Dent in underbody, crack on shell
lost7/20/2014OtherRussian tortoise, Dent in underbody, crack on shell
lost6/11/2014DogElderly Sealyham Terrier, Weak hind legs, poor vision and hearing
lost7/22/2014DogGreyhound Mix, scar on top of head
lost7/20/2014Catmedium hair tabby, crooked tail at the end
lost7/16/2014CatBengal mix , She has white feet one foot is all white
lost7/17/2014CatTabby, White belly.
lost3/20/2014Otherparrot, not provided
lost7/19/2014CatBlack/Grey tabby, white spot on his nose, neutered male
Found7/21/2014Dogpoodle, not provided
lost7/16/2014CatDomestic Medium Hair, Large paws, big fluffy tail
Found7/21/2014DogChihuahua/jack Russell ?, black head. white and black body. pink collar
Found7/21/2014Doggolden retriever, no collar
lost7/20/2014Catlong hair, senior, declawed, spayed, delicate pink nose
lost7/20/2014DogAmerican hairless terrier, Hairless
lost7/19/2014CatPart Siamese , Has distinct white mark on face "separating" sides
lost7/20/2014DogTerrier/Schnauzer, wearing a Harley Davidson collar
Found7/20/2014DogLab size, matted hair, skinny
lost7/19/2014CatDomestic medium, Lavender tip, Ice blue eyes
lost7/16/2014Catnot provided, white paws
lost7/17/2014CatTabby, Super friendly, knows his name, very long whiskers
lost7/13/2014CatLong hair, Front declaws
lost7/19/2014CatBombay, Fat Cat, between 10-15lbs, still has claws
lost7/10/2014Dogpitbull, right ear bends in
lost6/26/2014DogMalteTzu/shima, recently spayed, 10-12 pound range
lost7/8/2014CatTortishell, Blotched coloring
Found7/18/2014DogDoberman pintcher, pure breed female
lost7/19/2014DogMale Pom mix, all white - looks like a very small husky
lost7/18/2014Catshort hair, blue collar with Obi etched on license
lost7/17/2014Dogshitu Tzu, not provided
lost7/18/2014Dogpitbull, black collar one black ear white face puppy
lost7/11/2014Catmedium or long haired, white nose
lost7/2/2014CatOrange tabby, Orange and white stripes on face
lost7/17/2014CatLong Haired Tabby, Scar on bridge of nose/ Black Collar
lost7/17/2014DogPomeranian, nine yrs old. has white muzzle. small about 6 lbs.
lost7/16/2014Dogborder collie, black coller
Found7/17/2014Dogblack and white, not provided
Found7/17/2014Dogno collar , not provided
Found7/17/2014DogGolden Retriever, has a Petsmart scarf appears to be older dog
lost7/16/2014CatTuxedo , not provided
Found7/16/2014CatUnknown, Green eyes
lost7/13/2014CatTabby, Cat is chubby
lost7/15/2014Dogyellow lab siberian husky mix, red color, limps, has slight scratch above right e
lost7/16/2014DogAkita (long haired), Dark Face
lost7/15/2014DogBorder collie , White/gray around her mouth, head kind of to side
Found7/16/2014Dogpug french mix, not provided
lost7/15/2014DogLab pitbull mix, Red harness with tags about 60lbs white on chest
lost7/14/2014DogHUNTING DOG ENGLISH SETTER, Red Collar, flag tail, happy dog
Found7/15/2014Dogmix, Emma tag with number
lost6/24/2014Dogschnauzer, brownish beard
lost6/22/2014Catnot provided, one white paw. microchiped but not updated.
lost7/14/2014CatTabby short hair , Red collar. Green/yellow eyes
lost7/14/2014CatDomestic short hair, three legs
lost7/1/2014OtherRussian Tortoise, has white lines on back of Shell, 8" -9" Long
lost7/14/2014Dogchi, blue collar/black and red harness
lost7/1/2014DogENGLISH SETTER Hunting Dog, Live spot brown ears, flag tail
lost7/8/2014CatNA- Short Hair, white and black striped underbelly
lost7/12/2014Catunknown, large orange cat with slight brownish color.
lost7/11/2014CatLong Haired, Long Haird, Male, Friendly, Vocal
Found7/14/2014Dogheeler?, none/no microchip
lost7/15/2014Dogtri colored beagle, black coller
lost6/28/2014DogSt. Bernard, Chip- white around neck
Found7/14/2014Dogmin pin, no collar but is microchipped
lost7/14/2014DogChihuahua , coloring similar to mini rottweiler
Found7/11/2014DogGolden Lab (mix?), ? Can't get that close ....
Found7/14/2014Dogmediam size hunting dog, red collor
lost7/14/2014DogMiniature Dachshund , Balding tail
Found7/11/2014DogJRT, Please text a pic if you think this is your dog
lost7/13/2014CatHimalayan look-a-like, no front claws, blue eyes, dark tail, dark legs
lost7/13/2014Dogyorkey, face is light brown
lost7/13/2014DogYorkie, not provided
lost7/4/2014DogBoston Terrier, Multicolored collar with a Pink bone name tag
lost7/8/2014CatTorti, Blotched coloring
lost7/13/2014DogPom and Dachsand, Black collar white through neck
lost7/12/2014Catnot provided, Pink skull collar with a bell
Found7/13/2014DogLabrador, Green collar with skulls on it, second collar too
lost7/9/2014CatTabby, microchip with name "Louie" from boise id
lost6/24/2014Dogschnauzer, brownish beard
lost7/12/2014CatLong Haired Cat, Very skittish; no collar but he has a microchip
lost7/10/2014Catnot provided, Black dot on nose
lost7/10/2014CatDomestic Long Hair in Lion Cut, Tip of tail crooked; Growing out lion cut.
lost7/11/2014DogLab, Red collar
lost7/10/2014Dogpitbull, right ear bent sideways on head
lost7/10/2014DogBoxer, white paws
lost7/11/2014Dogdingo, drk brown harley davidson collar, red leash
lost7/10/2014CatOrange tabby, White chest and paws
lost7/7/2014DogPoodle, 12 pound, pink reflective collar
lost6/25/2014CatDomestic medium hair, Yellow eyes, legs look choc brwn in direct light
lost7/5/2014DogTerrier Mutt Mix, Green collar no tags, orange fur on face/back
lost7/11/2014DogPomchi, Hemp necklace
lost7/8/2014CatTorti, Mixed brown and black
lost7/7/2014Dogshepard, pink collar 5 months
lost7/6/2014Cat2 KITTENS, not provided
lost7/6/2014CatKitten, Gray/white legs & feet
lost6/27/2014Doglas an apso, spayed, 8 pounds, homemade hair cut
lost7/8/2014Catnot provided, Flea Collar, Belly is licked almost bare
lost7/9/2014DogPit Mix, White spots on paws
lost7/9/2014Catmix , flea collar turq./pink spot on nose
lost7/5/2014Catseal point siamese, White paws
lost7/8/2014CatTortie, not provided
lost6/19/2014CatPart siemese ( More white) , black nose whit w. Blue/green eyes very beauiful,
lost7/8/2014Catnot provided, Black "beauty mark" by nose
Found7/8/2014Dogpointer mix?, brown leather collar w/chain decoration
lost7/8/2014DogBlue Merril Australian Sherphe, blue collar no tags, white chest
Found6/30/2014CatLong hair, Yellow Eyes
lost7/8/2014DogLab mix about 50pds, flower collar (dirty) with her tags (Molly)
Found7/8/2014Dogboxer/pit, red shock collar
lost7/8/2014Doglabrador and golden retriever , white little spot on chest and white on one paw
Found7/7/2014Catlong hair, Green eyes, black on one eye white on other
lost7/8/2014DogBassett Hound, not provided
lost7/8/2014DogPommeranian, fixed, long haired, micro-chiped
lost7/3/2014CatCalico, Large Orange nose all white boots
Found7/1/2014CatDSH very skinny, Ringed tail/ talks a lot
lost7/1/2014CatDomestic short hair, Camoflage collar, cropped tail, small, spayed
lost5/3/2014DogDachshund, mostly red with black and white speks
lost7/6/2014Catdomestic long hair, has a spot shaved on her stomach
lost7/5/2014CatMedium length hair, Bushy tail, green eyes, may have sparkly collar on
lost7/5/2014CatMedium length hair, Bushy tail, green eyes, may have sparkly collar on
lost7/6/2014CatTabby, Pink Collar, blue tag, brass tag
lost6/24/2014Doggerman shepard, white star/cross on chest, brown spot over eyes
lost7/5/2014DogLab, Black collar with license, large intact male.
lost6/28/2014Catdomestic medium hair, fluffy tail always carried curled over her back
Found7/6/2014CatTortie, female, approx 1yr, broken upper R canine tooth
lost7/5/2014DogPom/Shitzu Mix, Really Crooked Teeth Curled Tail
lost7/1/2014Dogchiwaha mix, has a few black spots
lost7/5/2014DogBoxer, Camo collar with tags.
lost7/6/2014DogBeagle, Female
lost6/25/2014CatLong hair silver tabby, Shaved torso, white patch on chest
lost7/6/2014DogJack Russell beagle , Whtw "boots" white under belly black spot on chest
lost7/5/2014Dogyorkie poodle, Ears bend, curly hair about 3 inches long, 6/7 lbs
lost7/6/2014Dogfull blood Akita, she is a long coat so is furry not like a standard
lost6/28/2014CatTabby, Turquoise Collar w/bell
Found7/5/2014DogBeagle, Female
lost7/6/2014Catdomestic long hair, white ring on tail
Found7/3/2014CatExample: black and brown, None
Found7/6/2014CatTabby, Brown/Grey smudge on left side of mouth
Found7/5/2014DogBig Dog and unsure of breed., Furry, knows his commands, sit, down and shake
lost7/4/2014DogBlack lab Rottweiler mix, Pink collar with silver paw prints.
Found7/5/2014Dogpit, has a dent in her head from an old injury
lost7/5/2014DogChihuahua mix - slightly longe, not provided
lost7/4/2014DogYorkie, cropped tail, skinny, hunchback, floppy ears
lost7/4/2014DogBlack lab / mix, Blue collar and n tattoo on lower stomach
lost7/4/2014DogPit bull mix, white c shape on the top of her head
lost7/4/2014CatTabby, Brown/Grey Smudge on left side of mouth.
lost7/4/2014DogChi and Yorkie, Long haired with tear stains and longish nails
lost7/4/2014DogAustralian Shepard/ border col, not provided
lost7/4/2014DogPit Mix, Adult
lost7/5/2014DogRottweiler mix, black collar w little orange and blue dots
lost7/2/2014CatShort Hair, All black, yellow eyes, 1 yr old, un-nuetered male
lost7/4/2014DogPoodle/Lhasa Apso, No collar, missing front tooth
lost6/26/2014Cattabby, black collar with skulls
Found7/4/2014DogHound/retriever , not provided
Found7/4/2014DogBlack lab (male), not provided
lost7/4/2014Dogchocolate lab mix, green collar
lost7/4/2014DogBlue heeler and Australian She, Chain collar and other collar and red bandana
lost7/4/2014DogShih Tzu, not provided
Found7/4/2014DogShepard/cattle dog mix, Have tag number not other tags
lost6/30/2014CatShort hair , White chest. Collar with her name on it & tel.
Found7/3/2014Dogshort hair lab or terrier, red collar
Found7/2/2014DogDaschund, not provided
lost7/3/2014Dogyellow lab, pink nose, pink rings round golden eyes no collar
lost6/30/2014CatBlue Point Himalayan, blue eyes
lost6/24/2014DogGerman Shepherd, black collar, white star on chest
lost7/2/2014DogBrussells Griffon (looks like , underbite, nub tail
Found6/1/2014DogCockerspaniel, pink collar
lost7/1/2014DogChihuahua , not provided
lost6/23/2014Dogterrier / america pit mix, chian collar, newly nudered, straight up ears,
Found6/29/2014DogCattle dog mix (?), Unique crooked tail
lost7/2/2014DogChocolate Lab/Mix, Small White spot on chest
lost6/22/2014DogChihuahua/pomerianian mix, Little nub tail,
lost6/26/2014CatDMH, Plush fur-sneezes a lot