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Lost and Found Pets

SCRAPS is NOT responsible for matching any pet posted on this site with animals that may be at our shelter or at another shelter in our area. Please see our Impounded Animals page for information regarding animals currently at our shelter as well as links to other area shelters.

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Lost or FoundDateTypeBreed/Description
lost7/28/2015Dogpitbull, blue flea collar
Found7/29/2015Dogunknown, bluish cloth collar. scraps tag #543425.
Found7/27/2015Cattabby but unusual markings, ci, young cat, not neutered I think
Found7/28/2015DogMedium size/ skinny, No collar, friendly
Found7/28/2015Dogmedium size, pointed ears up, flea collar, blk woven collar with symbols, 2 tags
lost7/24/2015DogShih Tzu, silver colloar
lost7/28/2015CatTabby, Just neutered, still raw around area
Found7/28/2015DogChihuahua, White muzzle
Found7/28/2015DogFemale Pittbull, Brown tail with white tip
lost7/27/2015Dogshit zu and chihuahua, small with long black and white hair
lost6/1/2015CatDMH, neutered male, front declawed, white tip on his tail
Found7/27/2015Catblack medium hair, kitten
lost7/27/2015DogJack Russell, Red collar
lost7/27/2015DogJack russel, red collar, has spots
lost7/10/2015DogAkita, One ear up and one ear down
lost7/27/2015CatMaine coon mix, Pink collar, not very friendly
Found7/27/2015Dogsmall, not provided
Found7/27/2015Dogsmall, not provided
lost7/22/2015Doggerman shepherd/belgian tervur, white on chest wearing a black harness
lost7/24/2015CatCat, not provided
lost7/24/2015CatCat, not provided
lost7/4/2015Dogtoy Yorkie, she is so sweet and she has pointy nose
lost7/23/2015Catshort haired black, not provided
lost7/21/2015CatUnknown, Small, petite, female.
Found7/26/2015DogTerrier Mix, Found with black collar and rabies tag
Found7/25/2015Catnot provided, Has collar
lost7/17/2015CatSiamese, Most of head/face is dk brown, broken canine tooth
lost7/17/2015CatSiamese, Most of head/face is dk brown, broken canine tooth
lost7/26/2015DogPug, not provided
lost7/5/2015OtherSulcata Tortoise, He is bigger then a basketball, heavy and friendly
Found7/26/2015DogWestie Terrier, Blue and green argyle collar no tag. Seahawks band
lost7/25/2015CatShorthair, Small white spot above her ear
lost7/25/2015DogRottweiler, Purple collar
lost7/23/2015Catblue Himalayan , look on craigslist please help find my kitten
lost7/23/2015DogLooks Shepherd/Husky/Coyote, Black mask on face, 30 lbs
lost7/24/2015DogHusky mix, 17 weeks old, left eye blue/white/brown
lost7/21/2015CatDomestic shorthair, Black mask, green eyes, black patches on body/tail
lost7/24/2015DogShih Tzu, Gry collar w/ gems
lost7/10/2015DogBoxer, White chin, chest, feet.
lost7/23/2015DogBlack lab/pit bull, Underbite, bouncy personality
lost7/12/2015CatDsh , Extremely soft coat Mink feeling.
lost7/20/2015DogChinese Crested, Red collar with 2 tags( one red other peuter)
Found7/24/2015DogShort Hair Terrier, Gonzaga color
lost7/24/2015DogGerman Wire-hair, not provided
lost6/22/2015Catblack house cat, hanging flabby belly from her surgery
lost7/23/2015CatDomestic short-hair , not provided
lost7/23/2015Catnot provided, orange ear tips and orange striped tail.
lost7/21/2015CatDomestic, long hair, Red collar, green eyes
lost7/23/2015DogBoston Terrier, Pink Collar
lost7/22/2015DogPitbull, Coloring like a Boston Terrier with brindle
lost7/21/2015Cattortus shell tabby, black collar
lost7/21/2015Catturtle shell tabby, black coller posibly with a hook attached
lost7/22/2015DogShih Tzu, White lighting streak down the back, trimmed
lost7/12/2015Cat8 months old, medium length hair,long tail,
lost7/20/2015DogChinese Crested, White Blond Hair on Head,end of tail, and from kne
lost7/22/2015DogChihuahua, Blue colar w/ a bell
lost7/22/2015DogTerrier mix small, Tan colar
Found7/19/2015DogChihauhua - dacshund mix, Pink collar with crystals and pink leash
lost7/21/2015Dogblack lab siberain husky, no collar intense blue eyes
Found7/21/2015CatTabby mix, not provided
lost7/20/2015DogGerman Shorthair, senior
lost7/18/2015Catnot provided
lost7/17/2015Cattuxedo , white collar with pink flowers
lost7/20/2015DogLab, husky mix, Curly tail shy bluish collar
lost7/17/2015Catnot provided
lost7/20/2015CatDomestic short hair, Gold eyes, about 18lb neutered male. Orange with s
lost7/19/2015CatAmerican shorthair, Red collar, pigeon toed
lost7/16/2015CatCalico, Pink flower collar with blue license tag
lost7/19/2015Doggerman shepherd black lab mix, chipped. white chest, brown ears
lost7/15/2015CatTabby, White Chest, big, declawed front paws
Found7/18/2015DogCoonhound, None
Found7/19/2015Dogaustralian shepherd, cattle do, no tail, no collar
lost7/10/2015CatDomestic Long Hair - Tabby, Ylw eyes, wht chest,face,belly,paws
lost7/16/2015Catnot provided, All Black long hair and yellow eyes
lost7/18/2015CatManx, sinle vertebrae, Black collar with loose silver threads
lost7/18/2015CatAmerican bobcat, No tail and white chest
lost7/18/2015DogMixed Blue Heeler and miscella, A white star mark on her chest toes, and stomach
lost7/16/2015Catdomestic long hair, shaved on its left shoulder, due to stitches.
Found7/14/2015Dogsmall, long hair, female
Found7/17/2015Catnot provided, has some red in the coat, front paws declawed
lost7/15/2015Catdomestic short hair, none
lost7/1/2015Catnot provided, microchip
lost7/17/2015DogGolden Retriever , Shaved to undercoat.
lost7/15/2015CatKitten, Black, Male, White spot on belly and orangish eyes
lost7/17/2015DogLong Haired Chihuahua, White on neck area and a little on face
lost7/11/2015OtherMini lop rabbit , Pure white with blue eyes
lost7/11/2015DogChihuaha/Jack Russel mix, Snub tail- was wearing licence tag
lost7/17/2015OtherDuck mallard six weeks old, none
lost7/16/2015Dogdachshund, pink collar, mohawk type fur on neck
lost7/14/2015DogPit bull, Medium size dog
lost7/14/2015DogPit bull, Medium size dog
lost7/14/2015CatMedium hair , tuffs of hair behind ears very friendly
Found7/16/2015Doghusky mix, black collar and a blue bandana
Found7/16/2015DogGerman shepard, not provided
lost6/28/2015CatTuxedo, tip of tail is missing, and has a faded white ring
lost7/16/2015DogPit bull terrier, Brindle spot covering one eye and base of tail
lost7/15/2015DogLong haired Daschund, Purple vest
lost7/15/2015Catnot provided
lost7/15/2015DogHusky mix, not provided
lost7/15/2015DogYorkie, Red collar
lost7/14/2015CatDomestic Short Hair, White 'v' on Chest- last wearing b&w collar
lost7/15/2015DogShiba Inu, Carmel tipping on ears
Found7/15/2015Catsiamese, kitten around 10 weeks doa
lost7/9/2015Dogpoodle terrier mix, cone, just groomed
Found7/14/2015DogGerman shepherd mix, Green color, Home Again ID
lost7/12/2015CatTabby, Declawed in front feet
lost7/11/2015Cattabby, no collar, strictly indoor, neutered
lost7/14/2015Doggerman short hair pointer, teal collar
lost7/14/2015DogAmerican staffordshire, Camo harness
lost7/12/2015Dogpitbull, white on side of nose
lost7/11/2015DogYorkshire Terrier mix, not provided
lost7/11/2015DogYorkie ,mix, May have his blue harness on with small charms wi.
lost7/11/2015DogYorkie ,mix, May have his blue harness on with small charms
lost7/13/2015Dogboxer, white on chest - rainbow collar - intact male
lost7/13/2015Dogboxer, white on chest - rainbow collar - intact male
lost7/13/2015Dogboxer, white on chest - rainbow collar - intact male
lost7/12/2015CatDomestic, Small bald spot under one eye, female
lost7/11/2015CatTurtle back , Turtle back brow/grey
Found7/13/2015Dogterrior mix, not provided
lost7/13/2015DogChocolate lab mix , Bright green collar, white spot on penis
lost7/12/2015Catnot provided, tiny white patch on chest & tummy
lost7/6/2015Catlong hair himalayan, declawed front paws
lost7/5/2015CatShort Hair Siamese, White paws - her chip #0A13533235
lost7/12/2015DogPitbull-Daschund, pink collar with jewls, white tip tail and feet
lost7/11/2015Dogshih tzu schnauzer mix, not provided
lost7/9/2015Catnot provided, very old 18 years need to find
lost7/10/2015Catdomestic short hair, All grey yellow eyes a few white hairs on chest
Found7/11/2015DogShepherd mix, not provided
Found7/11/2015DogPug, not provided
Found6/5/2015OtherMiniature goat, Red collar
lost5/20/2015DogChihuahua, Small fatty lump on chest
Found7/11/2015Dogcockapoo?, rabies tag #40901 Peone Pines
lost7/11/2015DogAustralian Healer/Pointer, not provided
lost7/11/2015Cattabby, white paws/chest, relaxed eyes
lost7/6/2015CatDomestic Shorthair, Tabby, light blue collar, long tail, petite
Found7/11/2015Dogborder collie and husky, has some black coloring on face like mask
lost7/5/2015CatShort Hair Siamese, White paws - her chip #0A13533235
lost7/7/2015CatCat, collar and matted
lost7/10/2015DogBoxer, White chin
lost7/9/2015DogBoston Terrier, female, adult, looks to have had puppies in past
Found7/10/2015DogShi zhu Maltese mix, not provided
lost7/9/2015DogMini Aussie lab, Long tail, color is like a catahola but brownish
lost7/6/2015Catnot provided
lost7/1/2015CatBritish short hair, Grey not friendly fat
lost7/1/2015Catnot provided
lost7/4/2015Catnot provided, Exablack half of famples: red collar, cropped tail
Found7/6/2015DogBull terrior, Purple harness
lost6/20/2015Catdomestic short hair, none
lost7/5/2015CatDomestic Med/Longhair , Black face w/ white mask 1black frnt leg 1 white
lost7/6/2015Catnot provided
lost7/7/2015DogYorkie/mix, well mannered/female
lost7/5/2015Doganatolian, not provided
lost7/7/2015DogChihuahua mix, light teal collar with flowers has name and phone
Found7/7/2015DogHuskey, Male with red collar and dog license
lost7/4/2015Dogborder collie, small bump on rear of back known as calcium depos
lost7/7/2015DogAustralian healer mix, Red collar floppyish ears hard hearing
lost7/7/2015DogBasset Hound, Clip nails, Large brown ears, young
lost7/6/2015CatBlack and grey stripes, Back legs are white
lost7/1/2015CatDomestic short hair, His face has a mask where the grey covers his eyes
lost7/6/2015CatDSH, Neutered Male
lost7/6/2015CatMaine Coon, Long hair, long claws
lost7/4/2015DogMaltese Mix, not provided
lost7/2/2015DogMiniature Pinscher, Floppy ears, docked tail, female, spayed
lost7/4/2015DogBorder Collie, White on chest; blue collar
Found7/4/2015DogLab/Collie, Dolphin collar
Found7/5/2015DogCorgi / Cow Dog Mix, No Collar
lost7/5/2015OtherPigmy goat, blue eyes
lost7/5/2015Catnot provided, Top of head half black/half orange, split in middl
lost7/2/2015CatDomestic Short Hair, Sprinkling of individual white hairs, yellow eyes
lost7/5/2015Dogwinner dog, 7weeks old long tail short hair cute
lost7/4/2015DogLab, Neutered male, 4 years old, has collar
lost6/15/2015Otherbearded dragon lizard adult ma, not provided
lost7/5/2015DogMix:Shepherd/ lab, Bright striped orange, green,pink collar, 11 years old grey around muzzle,
lost7/5/2015DogDachshund , Red bone collar and a white arrow marking
lost6/29/2015CatShort hair, Yellowish muzzle, young, neutered
lost7/4/2015Dogshepard mix, pink collar arizona license
Found6/22/2015DogCattle Dog Mix, White muzzle, bob tail, male
lost7/4/2015DogLab, Neutered male, 4 years old, has collar
lost7/4/2015Dogsmall doberman tail not croped, no collar
lost7/4/2015Dogmix schnauzer and Shitzu, coller, liscence, tag with my phone number and na
lost7/5/2015DogPomeranian, not provided
lost7/5/2015CatShort Hair Siamese, White paws - her chip #0A13533235
lost7/4/2015DogLab, wearing blue collar
lost7/4/2015DogKelpie/Border Collie/McNab, Leather collar with tag
lost7/4/2015DogLab/hound mix, Petite build with lab personality! Long tail
Found7/4/2015DogPit mix, Chain color
lost7/4/2015Dogsheltie, not provided
lost7/4/2015Dogsheltie, not provided
Found7/4/2015DogPointer, Big brown spot on her right side
Found7/4/2015DogPointer, Big brown spot on her right side
Found7/4/2015DogPit bull mix, Male neutered, undocked tail.
lost6/23/2015DogMaltese & Terrier, Small White & gray
lost6/29/2015DogPomeranian, Neon green collar with pink heart tag
lost7/2/2015Otherpeacock, indigo head and neck
lost7/3/2015DogBlack lab mountain hound, Faded pink collar, tan Avow eyes,
Found7/3/2015DogSmall , Well taken care of
lost7/3/2015Doggerman shepard , not provided
lost7/3/2015DogSiberian husky, blue eyes
lost6/27/2015DogGerman Shepherd Mix, not provided
lost6/29/2015Catdomestic shorthair, altered male
lost7/2/2015DogBorder Collie and Bernese Moun, white tail, not fixed, white chest
lost7/2/2015DogAkita and Border Collie, black spotted paws, scar on right hind leg
Found7/1/2015Dogschnauzer terrier, pinkish red collar
lost4/3/2015CatDSH flamepoint, kinda turns yellow when dirty has kink in his tail
lost6/30/2015CatTabby , Very thin fur on stomach and inner back legs
lost6/30/2015CatTabby , Very thin fur on stomach and inner back legs
lost7/1/2015DogChocolate lab, Orange camo collar she is microchipped
lost7/1/2015CatMinx/Tabby, Short hair, white front paws, M on forehead
lost6/21/2015CatLong hair mixed, Bright green eyes
lost6/28/2015DogPitbull mix, Female with a White Chest
lost6/28/2015Catnot provided, White chest,walks on bended legs
lost6/21/2015CatLong hair mixed, Bright green eyes
lost6/21/2015CatLong hair mixed, Bright green eyes
lost6/28/2015CatTabby short hair, Polydactyl (extra toes), young
lost6/27/2015CatDomestic Long Haired Faded Tor, Black lined eyes, gray nose, splashes of orange
lost6/30/2015DogTEACUP POODLE, small,fluffy/curly hair,looks like puppy but isn't
lost6/29/2015DogLab/Red Heeler mix, Collar, black spot on his tail
Found6/30/2015CatDomestic Shorthair, Long thin body/tail, male, large paws (young?)
Found6/18/2015CatOrange male cat. Older 7- 10 t, Thin. Found on 17 by Franklin school.
Found6/29/2015DogDachshund , red and grey bone collar and flea collar
lost6/28/2015Dogdog: pitbull, pink collar