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Lost and Found Pets

SCRAPS is NOT responsible for matching any pet posted on this site with animals that may be at our shelter or at another shelter in our area. Please see our Impounded Animals page for information regarding animals currently at our shelter as well as links to other area shelters.

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Lost or FoundDateTypeBreed/Description
lost10/22/2014DogGreyhound, breeder tattoos inside her ears
Found10/22/2014DogLong haired German shepard, left floppy ear
lost10/10/2014CatDomestic Short Hair, Small white patch on chest
lost10/17/2014Catnot provided, Scar in between eyes and Hip problems from injury.
Found10/20/2014DogMix, potentially pitbull, No collar, puppy
lost10/19/2014Catbombay, small white patch under neck
lost10/19/2014CatTabby, white on chin
lost10/20/2014DogPom, black calor
lost10/20/2014DogPom, black calor
Found10/20/2014Dogpit bull mix, female, small
lost10/20/2014Dogchi wawa /Pom, collar with rabies tag/ bad teeth
lost10/20/2014Dogchi wawa /Pom, collar with rabies tag/ bad teeth
Found10/20/2014DogItalian greyhound/miniature Wh, Wearing Big R sweater
lost10/17/2014CatSiamese mix, Pink and purple collar with bell and small key
lost10/16/2014DogBoxer, Leather collar with rabies tags
Found10/18/2014DogSmall mix breed, not provided
lost10/19/2014Catdomestic long hair tabby, missing 3 canines, blue/grey eyes not neutered
lost8/20/2014Dogshizthue, almost blind/deaf/ 11th old
lost10/4/2014DogBorder Collie/ Sheep dog, neutred, scared may have a black collar?
lost10/14/2014CatDSH, Chipped, green eyes, healing wound on head
lost10/9/2014DogPom-Chi, she just had babbies about 9 weeks ago.
lost10/29/2013OtherPeacock and Peahen, Blue male and white with black spots peah peacocks
lost10/15/2014CatDomestic Short Hair Male Cat , stripes/ long /slender/ large cat /nuetered
lost10/17/2014Catnot provided, Neutered adult male.
lost7/4/2014CatTuxedo cat, Black spots on nose. Ferrel kitty
lost10/5/2014DogPit bull, red collar, scar on neck, one black toe nail
lost10/18/2014DogPit Bull Puppy, Black spots on nose, blue and pink collar
lost10/17/2014DogChocolate Lab, Un-Neutered. Large Male. Microchipped
lost10/17/2014DogShihtzu, choke chain and panda markings on face
Found10/13/2014OtherRabbit, Marbled
lost10/15/2014DogChihuahua, blue collar
lost10/16/2014DogLab/pit bull mix, Male, white on feet, blue and red collar
lost10/16/2014DogLab/Pit mix, Blue & Red collar
lost10/1/2014CatDomestic short hair, Named Peter but it is a female
lost10/13/2014CatDomestic short hair, Small, female, large ears
Found10/16/2014Dognot provided
lost10/15/2014Dogboston terrier, female
Found10/14/2014DogPitbull, White on head, neck, toes.
lost10/8/2014CatDomestic Medium Hair, Grey tail, blue eyes, neutered male
lost10/8/2014CatDomestic Medium Hair, Grey tail, blue eyes, neutered male
lost10/12/2014Catnot provided, black dot by nose, crooked tail at the end
Found10/14/2014CatDSH-Male Nuetered, orange/brownish eyes
lost10/14/2014DogPit Bull Mix, Black collar with box for underground fence
lost10/12/2014DogMin pin, Black harness with white paw prints,
Found10/13/2014DogFrenchie, Older dog trouble seeing possibly blind.
Found10/14/2014DogBichon, Pink Harness
lost10/13/2014DogShih Tzu, Older dog, hair just trimmed
lost10/13/2014Dogchihuahua/terrior mix, Wiry hair, long skinny legs no bottom front teeth
lost10/12/2014DogAkita - Long hair, Big Akita, dark face, all colors
lost10/12/2014DogLab mix , Very big and loving dog. Black light brendal
lost10/13/2014DogGolden retriever, boxer, pitbu, white chest and white on nose, puppy
lost10/12/2014DogDalmatian/pit, blue collar with name on it,one black ear
Found10/11/2014Dogborder collie mix, older female,going blind,trouble walking,friendly
lost10/10/2014DogShepherd, Pink harness
lost10/12/2014Cattabby, male nutured with micro, has black on his left ear that looks like OIL.
Found10/12/2014DogSpitz. Keeshond?, white paws
Found10/12/2014DogPug mix?, Found with brown pug.
lost10/11/2014Dogboxer, white horseshoe shape on chest
lost10/9/2014Dogking charles mix, not provided
Found10/10/2014Dogschnauzer, male
Found10/10/2014Dogschnauzer, male
Found10/11/2014DogChihuahua mix? , Has on a harness
lost10/8/2014CatHouse, Seahawks collar
lost10/10/2014Catcalico, not provided
Found10/11/2014DogJack russell mix, harley davidson collar
lost10/10/2014DogFemale Boxer- Greying jowels, Scar on her R hindquarters-
lost10/10/2014Dogchihuauha mix (looks like mini, curled tail, pink collar for a boy
lost10/10/2014DogChihuahua, Dark brown around the eyes
lost10/10/2014DogShepherd , Pink harness
lost10/9/2014DogShiba Inu Male AKC, light spots on nose
lost9/30/2014CatGray tabby , Has big yellow eyes and a Browne spot on his nose
lost10/7/2014CatSiamese, gray face and tailand white front toe
lost10/7/2014DogOlde English Bulldog, Black polka dot stub tail no collar/tags
lost10/6/2014Catnot provided, blue collar with fish/bell
lost10/8/2014CatDSH, 1/2 face black, 1/2 face orange, white chest
Found10/1/2014Catnot provided, White paws and white on nose area
lost10/6/2014DogSiberian Laika/Husky, Hunter Orange collar and curly tail, brown eyes.
Found9/24/2014Catpersian, not provided
lost10/8/2014Catnot provided, rusty with green eyes kitten
lost10/8/2014DogPit/boxer/lab mix, Teal collar w/ pink felt flowers
lost10/8/2014DogMastiff, Healing cut right paw, rottweiler markings
lost10/8/2014DogMastiff, Scar on right paw, rottweiler markings
Found10/6/2014Catdomestic short hair, blue collar with fish with blue bell
Found10/8/2014DogSheepdog, No collar, large male
Found10/8/2014DogStandard Poodle, Female, Pink checked collar with flower, no tags
Found10/8/2014Dognot provided, black
lost10/7/2014DogBoston Terrier/Schnauzer Mix, black coat, white belly,
lost10/7/2014DogPomeranian, Black marking on tail
lost9/29/2014Cattuxedo, white tip tail/white spot on nose/white on lft.leg
lost10/7/2014DogAiredale Terrier Standard Snau, chipped, bone coller, bone with all info
Found10/6/2014Dognot provided
lost10/5/2014CatSiamese mix, Blue eyes, slightly crossed. Kink in tail.
lost10/7/2014CatTabby, Large Cat
lost10/1/2014CatDLH/Birman, Blue eyes, white paws, black spot near nose
Found10/3/2014DogSiberian Husky, No collar
Found10/7/2014DogPit Bull, White spot on back of neck, red collar, 2 tags
Found10/2/2014CatDSH, (999) 999-9999
lost9/24/2014DogGerman Shepherd , pink collar, heart shaped pink tag with my name
lost10/5/2014DogPit Bull, White chest, paws and belly ` has collar
Found10/3/2014DogYellow lab mix male, scar on left cheekbone.....dew claws removed
lost10/4/2014Catnot provided
Found10/3/2014Doglab, not provided
lost10/4/2014Dogwire haired dauchsand, pink rhinestone collar
Found10/6/2014Doglittle tiny dog, not provided
Found10/5/2014DogMastiff or Great Dane , Female, has white on her chest
lost10/2/2014Dogchhuahua mix, white on feet and chest
Found10/5/2014DogPitbull Mix?, Collar with 4 tags
Found10/3/2014DogLarge Non-Shedding Shaggy Neut, No Colar, Long Shaggy Ears, Aprox. 60 lbs.
lost9/22/2014CatTabby kitten, black "m" on forehead and lump on tummy
Found10/4/2014DogChocolate lab, Green color not tags
lost10/4/2014DogChocolate lab, Green color not tags
Found10/4/2014Dogsmall dog, yellow like front collar
lost10/3/2014DogPomeranian , tan eyebrows lips white
lost9/26/2014Catstriped tabby, bright yellow green eyes
Found10/4/2014DogGerman Shepherd , Soft pointy ears that are spiked/female
lost10/3/2014DogSheep Dog, Matted hair VERY fuzzy like a mop about 55lbs
Found10/4/2014Dogmale lab/pit bull mix, big dog, no markings, black collar, no tags
lost10/3/2014Dogbeagle , fatty tumor on outside of hind leg
lost10/2/2014CatTort Shell, face is half black half pale orange
lost9/10/2014DogHeeler/Basenji, big ears that at stand up
lost10/1/2014CatTabby, white chest and paws. skinny and has been nursing
Found10/3/2014DogUnknown, White on Chest & White Beard
lost10/2/2014DogGolden Retriever, She's skinny
Found10/3/2014Dogshih Tzu mix?, teeth stick out
lost10/1/2014Catsiamese, mix, He has one bad eye.
Found10/2/2014Dogyellow lab / retriever X ?, green collar
lost10/2/2014Doglab, purple collar,female
lost10/1/2014Catmale, small white patch on chest & another on belly
lost10/2/2014DogJack Russell Terrier/Chiuahua, No Collar, un-neutered,
lost10/2/2014DogBlack Lab Mix, white hair patch on chest
Found10/2/2014Dogblack lab, female w/reddish color
lost10/2/2014DogSchnauzer , not provided
lost10/1/2014CatDomestic long hair, Teal collar with bell, microchipped
Found10/1/2014Dog2 Huskey's, 2 collars, no tags
lost10/1/2014Dogshih tzu, blind in one eye, orange collar, dark ears
lost9/24/2014CatCat, white legs he might have a microchip
Found9/30/2014DogSmall Terrier, Red head & legs & brindle body
Found9/28/2014Dog2-Labrador, healthy, well behaved dogs
Found10/1/2014DogOlder husky, german shephard m, reddish hair on back
Found10/1/2014Catunknown, no collar, thin
Found9/30/2014Catdomestic, notch out of left ear
Found9/30/2014Dogguessing he has some Great Dan, he looks like a big puppy and I do mean BIG!
Found9/30/2014Dogchihuahua mix, older fixed male. dark wart on Right Front foot
lost10/1/2014CatTabby, White Paws with black spots underneath,white belly
lost9/29/2014Catmale, brown mark under eye, black jeweled collar w/ tags
lost9/29/2014Catmix, dark coat, blue eyes, pink collar w/ bell, pink cat face tag
lost9/29/2014CatHouse cat small looks like a r, Zebra print collar pink
lost9/29/2014CatAmerican Longhair, White Paws, black mark on face
lost9/25/2014CatDomestic Long hair , not provided
lost9/26/2014Catdomestic short hair, black with heart shape white patch on chest
lost9/26/2014Catdomestic short hair, black with heart shape white patch on chest
lost9/26/2014Catdomestic short hair, black with heart shape white patch on chest
lost9/24/2014Catnot provided
lost9/27/2014DogSchnauzer, New hair cut
lost9/28/2014CatSiamese, White mark by her nose
lost9/27/2014DogShitzu mix, blue colar updated number on back of expired tags
lost9/28/2014Dogshih tzu, funny eyes
lost9/27/2014DogChihuahua, blue colar expired tags updated number on back
Found9/29/2014DogYellow Lab (Mix possibly), No collar
Found9/16/2014Cattabby, black paw pads, white muzzle, green eyes
Found9/28/2014Dognot provided, looks like a small german shepard, weighs 20 lbs
lost9/28/2014Catfemale ,Tabby, short tail , green eyes
lost9/27/2014DogLab mix, Red collar
lost9/15/2014CatDSH, Neutered/declawed male,microchip, gr collar w/ tag
lost9/26/2014CatOrange Short hair , not provided
lost9/26/2014Cathalf maine coon, fluffy tail,tuffs of hair from ears
lost9/26/2014Dogaustralian shepard/wolf, brindle spot on back, dark spots on ears
lost9/24/2014CatDomestic, All black skinny 3 year old fixed female
Found9/26/2014DogPit bull , Blue thick color
lost9/26/2014Doghusky greyhound mix, green collar w/tag, mostly white raccoon mask face
lost9/21/2014Catnot provided, Bow tie Collar, male, neutered
Found9/26/2014DogSmall, not provided
lost9/22/2014DogBoston Terrier, not provided
lost9/24/2014DogBorder Collie, Collar with Name and Phone Number
lost9/24/2014Dogst Bernard, black collar and white heart on hip
lost9/24/2014Dogst Bernard, black collar and white heart on hip
lost9/22/2014Catnot provided, He is Fixed
lost9/24/2014DogLabrador, No collar ... old ... brown eyes...80lbs
lost9/24/2014DogLabrador, Pink nose and Light brown eyes
lost9/20/2014CatDomestic medium hair (Maine co, not provided
Found9/22/2014Catolder kitten, none
Found9/22/2014CatDSH, Red leather collar with clear rhinestones
lost9/23/2014Dogshih tzu, She's very small 3lbs,turquoise coller,6yrs old.
lost9/22/2014DogPitbull, White stripe of forehead, chest patch and socks
lost9/22/2014DogMiniature Pinscher, one white foot and wearing a bark collar
lost9/21/2014Cattabby, Polydactyl Cats