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Lost and Found Pets

SCRAPS is NOT responsible for matching any pet posted on this site with animals that may be at our shelter or at another shelter in our area. Please see our Impounded Animals page for information regarding animals currently at our shelter as well as links to other area shelters.

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Lost or FoundDateTypeBreed/Description
lost1/29/2015CatTabby , tabby,4 black stripes on tail
lost1/30/2015Dogblack lab border collie, about 40 pounds. should answer to maggie.
lost1/26/2015CatLong-haired Tuxedo, White on face and right paw, all black otherwise
lost1/28/2015DogLab/Great Dane, Red collar, ear infection in right ear
Found1/29/2015DogAussie Shepherd mix, Black web collar, no tags, not microchipped.
lost1/28/2015DogLab , no collar or tag
lost1/29/2015Dogamerican bull dog, not provided
lost10/31/2014Catshort hair, Hip injury
lost1/27/2015Catnot provided, unaltered male
lost1/25/2015Catdomestic shorthair, neutered, thin build, 4 yrs old
lost1/27/2015Dogpitbul terrier mix, red harness. black mouth scar on ear wounds on ne
lost1/27/2015Dogpitbul terrier mix, red harness. black mouth scar on ear wounds on ne
Found1/26/2015Cat7 month approx, Polydactyl
Found1/27/2015Dogsmall, male, black and blue sweater
lost1/27/2015Doghusky/golden retriever mix, pink collar no tag
Found1/25/2015Catdomestic short hair, extra toes on all four paws
lost1/26/2015DogCollie mix, not provided
lost1/27/2015DogBlack Lab, Blue collar
Found1/23/2015DogPitbull mix, red narrow collar
lost1/26/2015DogGreat Dane, End of tail raw from "happy tail" syndrome
lost1/26/2015Dogcollie/shepard mix, small puppy on the white parts some black spots
Found1/26/2015DogShepherd mix , Blue eyes
lost12/24/2014Catdomestic short hair, declawed, spayed, 10 years old
lost1/26/2015DogHusky, Black spike collar, scraps stae/army dog tag
lost1/25/2015DogSmall approx. 5 pounds., long hair on her head. Bangs hang over her eyes.
Found1/25/2015DogBloodhound, male, 1-2 yrs, not neutered, 26" at back, no chip
Found1/24/2015DogWest Highland Terrier, mole on top of head and left eye is cloudy.
lost1/25/2015Catdomestic short hair, not provided
Found1/25/2015Dognot provided, tannish hairless body
lost1/21/2015DogBorder Collie/Corgi Mix, Male - microchipped - recently neutered - stitches
Found1/25/2015Dogyorkie mix, long fur, 5-8lbs,
Found1/25/2015DogChihuahua, Black Nose
lost1/23/2015DogChihuahua, gets Mohawk on back when barking
lost1/25/2015Dogdachshund, brown nose brown eyes
Found1/24/2015DogSchnauzer, not provided
Found1/24/2015DogBlack Lab, Has a large tumor/swelling on his left hind leg
lost1/23/2015DogLab mix, Bandana
lost1/24/2015DogHusky Mix, red collar
lost1/22/2015Catsiamese, belly hair still a little short from being neutere
Found1/23/2015DogCorgie??, wearing scraps pet license 561224
lost1/16/2015DogWalker/hound mix, not provided
lost1/23/2015DogMix wire and pom or jack russe, Senior female,pink collar licenced as rosie
Found1/21/2015CatDSH, Gray and white tuxedo, golden green eyes
lost1/21/2015Catcalico, calico coat
lost1/20/2015Catdomestic long hair, none
lost1/17/2015DogLab, Camo Collar
lost12/27/2014Dogblack lab mix, white on chest camo collar
Found1/17/2015Dogsmall mix, chain collar
Found1/17/2015Dogsmall mix, pink collar
Found1/20/2015DogScottish Terrier, Black collor - white spots - "SD" label on Tag
lost1/17/2015Dogchihuahua / pit bull mix, he is very small about 7 lbs no collar belo
lost1/19/2015DogJack Russell terrier, Turquoise collar wire haired
lost1/17/2015CatTabby, Male Neutered, Brown leather collar, pet license and rabies tag
Found1/19/2015Dogshepherd lab mix, Skinny, mild limp
Found1/17/2015Dogunknown, white chest
Found1/5/2015Catnot provided, all black, long haired
lost1/13/2015CatFemale Calico, Longhaired orange/brown body, white paws.
lost1/18/2015DogPug/pomeranian, Underbite, curly tail, no collar
lost1/17/2015DogGerman Shepard, Black collar
lost1/18/2015Dogbrindle boxer, brindle
lost1/9/2015DogDachshund, Blue collar with flames, black harness
lost1/17/2015Dogbully, cropped ears white face tan body pink color
lost1/17/2015Dogbully, cropped ears white face tan body pink color
Found1/17/2015Dogsmall mix, pink collar
Found1/16/2015CatMaine coone long hair, Extremely friendly young cat. Light colored neck.
lost1/15/2015Catmedium hair domestic, hurt Left Rear foot Long hair in his ears
lost1/1/2015DogSchnauzer, brownish beard
lost1/12/2015Catdomestic long hair, wearing white flea collar
lost1/14/2015CatOrange and White Tabby, white paws/legs white on face lost in Valley
Found1/14/2015DogChihuahua, not provided
Found1/14/2015DogChihuahua, not provided
Found1/14/2015DogChihuahua, not provided
Found1/8/2015CatUnknown, All black cat with yellow eyes. It is a male.
lost1/12/2015Catnot provided
Found1/11/2015DogHound, No collar
lost1/12/2015Dogspringer spaniel, about 7yrs.old pink spot on nose
lost1/8/2015Catsiamese, himalayan , Pink paw pads, green/yellow eyes, long whiskers
lost1/12/2015Dogshitzu, pink sweater, has a skin condition (balding)
Found12/24/2014DogRottweiler, Male, red collar ,
Found1/11/2015DogLab mix, 8-10 mo old
lost1/6/2015Catdomestic short hair, large ears, orange spot on white nose
Found1/11/2015DogLab, Choke chain only
Found1/10/2015CatYoung cat, Has a large black spot on left arm, very friendly
Found1/2/2015Doggerman shephard/husky/chow/lab, pink collar
lost11/19/2014DogLong hair medium collie mix fe, white stripe on chest. pink camo collar
Found1/10/2015Dogshitzhu, no tags
Found1/10/2015Dogshitzhu, no tags
lost1/9/2015DogPoodle, Pink colar, here ears light apricot
lost1/3/2015CatHalf siamese, Bushy tail
lost1/9/2015DogHavanese, Gray muzzle, pink collar
lost1/9/2015DogBorder Collie, not provided
lost1/8/2015CatSiamese, medium length fur
Found1/9/2015DogLab, 536363 scraps license
lost1/8/2015DogBlue heeler, intact maleblack eye patch, brown feet,blue collar
Found1/8/2015Dogmin pin / chihuahua , pointed ears, solid coat, little gray hair on face
lost1/5/2015DogShipperkee, Black, Long Hair
lost1/6/2015Dogcocker spaniel, blue and white camo collar
lost1/5/2015DogYorkie, red and gray collar
lost1/3/2015CatTabby? Not to sure looks kinda, Blue collar,Yellowish eyes,Full tail,Claws
lost1/1/2015DogFemale Mini Australian Shepher, Red freckles on face
lost1/6/2015CatAmerican Shorthair, White feet, chest and stomach
Found1/1/2015CatTabby, not provided
lost12/13/2014CatDSH, pointy ears
Found1/6/2015Dogaustralian shep x, spiked black collar, with license tag
lost1/3/2015DogLab mix, hunter orange collar
lost1/5/2015Doghusky, brown markings on right ear
Found1/1/2015Cattuxedo , all black with white patches on belly
lost12/29/2014CatSiamese, None
Found10/6/2014Catnot provided
lost1/1/2015CatShort Hair, Med/Large frame; orange eyes
lost1/2/2015DogSchnauzer/Mini Pin, Blue collar
lost1/2/2015DogGerman Shepard, Orange collar, puppy, brown socks
lost12/31/2014DogShepard Mix, Chipped bottom left K9 tooth. Large eyes, Green co
Found12/31/2014Doglab, not provided
lost1/1/2015DogShih tzu , micro chipped
Found1/1/2015Catunknown, not known
lost1/1/2015DogChiuwahwah , none, he is micro chipped
Found1/1/2015DogGerman shepherd mix, 3 legs orange collar
lost1/1/2015Dogcocker spaniel, light blue collar
lost12/26/2014DogWired hair terrier, not provided
lost12/31/2014DogLab Mix, Green collar with tags, microchipped
lost12/31/2014DogLab Mix, Green collar with tags, microchipped