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Suspicious Activity: Similar Diversionary Incidents

Posted 7/10/2014 5:02 PM by MDGREGORY

On July 8th, 2014, at 2:20 p.m., an 84-year-old male called Crime Check to report two suspicious males that had been at his residence. The complainant reported that he was collecting cans near his house, located near the 2500 block of N. Dick Road, when two males approached him. The male was not sure of their race but believed they were either African American or Hispanic. The suspects told the complainant they knew where he could get more cans and asked where he lived. The complainant allowed them to follow him home.

When they arrived at the complainant’s house, the older male asked to use the bathroom. He said the older male was between 50-59 years old, 6’ tall and approximately 170 pounds. The complainant allowed him to use the restroom. The younger male, who the complainant said was 30-39 years old, black hair, about 5’10” and 170 pounds, asked the complainant how he crushed the cans. The complainant took the younger suspect out to his shop to show him how he crushed the cans. As they were walking back inside, the younger suspect said the complainant was walking too fast and asked him to slow down.

When they walked inside, the older suspect came walking up from downstairs holding an envelope that contained stamps. He left the envelope and there was nothing else found missing from the house.

On July 9th, 2014, at about 2:00 p.m., Spokane Valley Sheriff’s Deputy Jesse Depriest responded to the 11900 block of East Portland on a burglary call. The 67-year-old female victim told Deputy Depriest on July 8th, at about 10:30 a.m., a well-dressed man in a newer, white SUV, asked her if he could park across the street because he was starting a job. She told him that was fine. The suspect asked the victim for a phone book. The victim went to her bedroom to get a phone book and when she returned the suspect was sitting on her couch and there was an additional suspect inside her house as well.

The victim described the well-dressed suspect as a dark skinned male, 5’10”, 155 pounds, dark hair, wearing a Mariners blue t-shirt and khaki shorts. She described the second suspect as dark skinned, 6’4”, 200 pounds, wearing a button up light blue shirt and pants.

The suspects asked the victim what types of medications she took, then told her that her gutters needed to be cleaned. The second suspect that arrived told the victim he needed to use the bathroom and as he walked down the hall, the first suspect walked to the kitchen and said he needed some water. The victim realized this was a diversionary tactic and asked them both to leave. After the suspects left the victim noticed a drawer in her bedroom had been opened. She was not able to find anything missing. The victim also called the business across the street and they had no idea who the two men were.

Anyone that may have seen any of these individuals is asked to call Crime Check at 509-456-2233. This is also a good reminder to citizens to keep their screen door locked and to never allow strangers into their residence.