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Family Court

Honorable Tari S. Eitzen

 Honorable Tari S. Eitzen Superior Court Judge
Courtroom 301
Current Assignment: Family Law Judge
Elected: 1994
Judicial Assistant: Ali Myers, 509-477-4704
Court Reporter: Becky Weeks, 509-477-4416
Contact: Superior Court Department 3

Honorable Maryann C. Moreno

Honorable Maryann C. Moreno Superior Court Judge
Courtroom 408
Current Assignment: Family Law Judge

Appointed 2003/Elected 2004

Currently serving 4th term

Judicial Assistant: Tuija Wilkening, 509-477-4712
Court Reporter: Terri Cochrn, 509-477-4418
Contact: Superior Court Department 7

Superior Court Commissioners

Family Law Center 
Room 101 
Commissioner Steven N. Grovdahl Commissioner Tami M. Chavez   Commissioner Michelle Ressa Commissioner Rachelle E. Anderson Commissioner Tony M. Rugel
Steven N.
Tami M.
Julie M. McKay
Rachelle E.
Tony M. Rugel


Family Law Responsibilities

  • Family Law / Domestic Relations Matters include:
    • Dissolution/Legal Separation/Invalidity of a Marriage
    • Modification of Custody/Parenting Plan
    • Modification of Child Support Order
    • Establishment of Parentage (Paternity)
    • Non-parental (Third Party) Custody
  • Ex Parte Court
  • Civil Commitment
  • Juvenile BECCA, Dependency and Offender Cases

Family Law Coordinator

The Family Law Coordinator coordinates all Court Calendars, Schedules and Case Management issues for the six Court Commissioners. 

Court House Facilitator (Family Law)

The Court House Facilitator (Family Law) facilitates to empower Pro Se individuals with necessary instructions, forms, and efforts necessary to participate with the Family Court.

Children's Waiting Room

The Children's Waiting Room is a free drop-in childcare program available to residents of Spokane County attending to business on the Spokane County Courthouse campus.