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Rob Chase

Spokane County Treasurer

Rob Chase was elected in 2011 to a four-year term. The Treasurer's Office provides service for approximately 80 regional government entities including: county, transit, school, fire, cemetery, airport, water and several other special districts.

Responsibilities include:

  • Billing and collecting of real estate and personal property taxes, due April 30th and October 31st.
  • Billing and collecting special assessments and fees for flood control, road improvement, water, drainage and other various special assessments.
  • Cash custody, banking and financial services, investments, revenue collections and debt payments
  • Collection of excise tax on the sale or transfer of real estate and mobile homes.
  • Foreclosure (real estate) and distraint (personal property) of property for delinquent taxes.
  • Collection of gambling taxes.


The Spokane County Treasurer’s Office is committed to respectfully serving our customers in an effective and timely manner while responsibly managing public resources.

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 Office Hours

Monday - Thursday 8:30 am - 4:00 pm
Fridays 8:30 am - 1:00 pm

Schedule subject to change during tax time and holidays.

To navigate our web site click to the left, on the section of your choice, for specific information. If you have general comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Treasurer's Office
1116 West Broadway Avenue
Second Floor, Spokane County Courthouse
Spokane, WA, 99260
Phone: (509) 477-4713
Fax: (509) 477-3674

Driving direction & map to County Courthouse

Mailing Address
Spokane County Treasurer
PO Box 199
Spokane, WA 99210-0199

Helpful phone numbers

Tax bill questions/address changes (509) 477-4713
Owner address changes (509) 477-3698
Deeds, liens, recording documents (509) 477-2270
Building permits (509) 477-3675
Assessor, Vicki Horton (509) 477-5732
Auditor, Vicky Dalton (509) 477-2262
Treasurer, Rob Chase (509) 477-4786
Board of Equalization (Appeals) (509) 477-2250
County Commissioners (509) 477-2265