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Sewer Bill Sample

Below is a sample Spokane County Sewer Bill. Use your mouse pointer to hover over line items. Line items that turn yellow can be clicked to view more information about the line item in the right column. Alternatively, line items are described below the sample bill.

Sewer Bill Sample Page 2 (Backside)

Utilities Bill Sample Page 2

Bill Line Items Details

1 Operations and Maintenance

This charge is for the day-to-day operation and maintenance of the collection system serving your property., as well as the operation of other facilities, such as pump stations, interceptor sewers, and treatment plants that make up the regional system.

2 Wastewater Treatment Plant Charge

This charge is for future capacity expansions and upgrades that will be required to the regional treatment facilities.

3 General Facilities Charge

This charge is to pay for the cost of the construction of sewage transmission facilities and regional treatment plant capacity.

4 Construction and Finance Costs

This amount is the monthly charge for your one time share of the cost to construct the sewage collection system in your area, including financing costs for the bonds sold to construct the project. Commercial properties are billed based on water consumption excluding irrigation. Payments are for a maximum of 240 months.

5 Late Payment Charges

Payments not received by the billing due date will be assessed a one time late payment penalty of ten percent (10%) of the latest billed amount, and interest shall attach and accrue on unpaid charges computed at a rate of eight percent (8%) per annum on the entire unpaid balance.

6 Return Check Fee

A $25.00 Return Check Fee shall be imposed for each payment returned to Spokane County for non-sufficient funds.

7 Lien Total

In accordance with Spokane County Code 8.03.9040, Spokane County shall have a lien with the Spokane County Auditor for all delinquent rates, fees, and/or charges when such charges have been delinquent for 60 days. Additional costs associated with filing the lien may also be assessed.

8 Total Amount Due

This is the total amount due on your monthly sewer bill. The total amount due may include construction and finance charges, interest, penalties, and/or other fees along with your regular monthly sewer charges. Please pay this amount in full every month to avoid penalties and/or fees.

Questions or Comments About Your Sewer Bill?

If you still have questions or comments about your Spokane County Sewer Bill, please call: (509) 477-3604.