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Notice of Public Hearing

 The Board of County Commissioners will hold a public hearing regarding proposed changes to the Spokane County Flow Control Ordinance (Chapter 8.56 of the County Code).  These changes will reflect the County's upcoming ownership, operation and maintenance of the County Regional Solid Waste System.  A copy of the proposed changes and revisions can be viewed here:  Draft Solid Waste Flow Control Ordinance.

The hearing will be held on November 4 at 2:30pm in the Commissioners Hearing Room in the Spokane County Public Works Building (1026 W Broadway Avenue). 





Spokane County Takes Over Management of Spokane Regional Solid Waste

The Spokane Regional Solid Waste System was originally formed in 1988 by an interlocal agreement between Spokane County, the City of Spokane, and other regional cities and jurisdictions.  Under that agreement, the city of Spokane took on the ownership and operation of county wide solid waste disposal.  This interlocal agreement expires on November 16, 2014.  On November 17, 2014, a new interlocal agreement will commence.  Under the new agreement, the Spokane Regional Solid Waste System ownership and management will be transferred from the City of Spokane to Spokane County.  The exception to this transfer is the ownership of the Waste to Energy facility and the Northside Landfill, which will both be retained by the City of Spokane with the agreement that Spokane County will direct waste flow from the transfer stations to the Waste to Energy facility. 

This transition on November 17, 2014 will occur seamlessly with minimal impact to current curbside garbage collection.  Citizens will see very little impact from these changes and can continue to use all 3 transfer stations as they always have.

Starting November 17, 2014, the County will be responsible for providing the framework for solid waste disposal, recycling and education outreach programs in unincorporated Spokane County and regional cities and jurisdictions that signed into the agreement.  These include:  Airway Heights, Deer Park, Fairfield, Latah, Medical Lake, Millwood, Rockford, Spangle, Spokane, Waverly, and Fairchild AFB. 

The following jurisdictions have entered into private contracts for disposal of solid waste.  Residents from these cities should contact their city for information regarding education outreach and recycling programs:

The System will be managed and operated as outlined in the Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan.    Until that time, for current information please visit the Spokane Regional Solid Waste System website. 

 More information about the upcoming changes will be here soon, so stay tuned!

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