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Groundwater Monitoring

The Spokane Valley Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer (SVRP Aquifer) is the sole source of water for over 500,000 people in Spokane County, WA and Kootenai County ID, this underground water-bearing rock formation is one of the region's most important resources. The aquifer is unique both for its fast flowing and generous water supply, and for its high susceptibility to contamination.

Since 1977, Spokane County has been monitoring water quality conditions in the aquifer.  Currently, Water Resources staff collect samples on a quarterly basis from 29 monitoring wells and 16 public supply wells.  Objectives of the groundwater monitoring program include:

  • Establish the areal distribution of groundwater quality from a network of wells covering the Spokane Valley-Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer recharge area;
  • Identify water quality impacts from activities on the land surface;
  • Evaluate the potential water quality impacts of aquifer discharge on river quality, and
  • Collect long-term data from wells to establish water quality and quantity trends (See printable PDF map below to view trends.)

    SVRP Aquifer Water Level Trends (1999-2015 Quarterly Data)

    SVRP Water Level Trends

Monitoring Program Documents

Water Quality Data

2008 Annual Groundwater Monitoring Report

2007 Annual Groundwater Monitoring Report