Veteran's Preference

RCW 41.04.010, as amended by House Bill 1065, provides for a veterans' preference to be added to the final passing score on written examinations taken by certain veterans in the recruitment and selection process. Additionally, RCW 73.16.010 provides for a preference in hiring for certain veterans and their widows or widowers.

Prior to applying for veteran's preference with Spokane County, you may wish to review the full text of  RCW_41.04.010 and/or RCW_73.16.010.
If you believe you are eligible to be considered for preference under either RCW, you need to complete and submit the Veteran's Preference Application (PDF) with your application materials. Applicants claiming veteran's preference eligibility will be required to provide documents to verify eligibility, such as a DD 214 or other appropriate service discharge record(s).