Other Events & Venues

The following events are included with the price of admission.  Enjoy!

Racing Pigs: September 9 - 18

Back by popular demand, watch as these finely tuned athletes race for Oreos and Twinkies. These "hams" are sure to please the entire family. The "racetrack" is located on the North Lawn. Show times are (to be determined) daily.

Kids Pedal Tractor Races: September 9 - 18

The tractor pull area is located in the center of the Racing Pigs track on the North Lawn. Watch as kids use their muscles to attempt a "full pull" on these adorable kid-sized tractors.  Show times are (to be determined) daily.

Bites and Beats Food Court Stage 


1:00 PM

3:30 PM              

5:30 PM

ET 16 Racing Pigs