Library Services


The library staff cannot assist customers with the following requests which apply to the practice of law:

  • Give legal advice or opinions
  • Answer your legal question
  • Explain legal procedure, court rules, or interpret the text of statute, legal opinion, and/or administrative regulation
  • Assist in filling out your court forms
  • Refer an attorney

Spokane County Law Library has limited staff. The staff is customer service oriented and will attempt to assist you in locating the materials needed.

Assistance is based on first-come first-serve which may require a wait.

In person assistance takes priority over telephone.

Telephone reference is limited to directional. Library staff can direct you to online resources and agencies but will not dictate text from publications over the phone.

Borrowing Materials

Library materials cannot be checked out.

Electronic Resources

There are three computer terminals. Two terminals with the following subscription databases that are free to the public.

  • Public access-a password is not needed.
    • Westlaw Patron Access which includes KeyCite - Covers all 50 states and federal, cases including statutes.
    • Lexis Advance by LexisNexis publishers which includes Shepards
      The subscription databases are not available remotely and must be accessed in person.
    • Lexis Digital Library -Print publications that are located on the library shelves and digitized online
  • The contract with West Publishers does not permit downloading their site contents.
  •  Staff will limit your time on the computer if there is a wait line.
  • The computers are for legal research and/or printing of legal documents and not used for inappropriate and illegal content.

Photocopiers & Printers

Black and white photocopy services are 25 cents for each page - Cash only-no exceptions
 The photocopier is password operated. Staff will assist you with the photocopying
Unless printing documents from your personal e-mail using the public terminal. After printing gather your documents and bring to staff.

The library has the following:

  • Black and white photocopier that is not coin operated.
  • Color copier
    Staff operated only - 50 for each page/ 1.00 for the first page above 20 pages
  • Scanning services - 20 cents per page to 20 pages/above 20 pages ask staff

The library's new location no longer has a conference room or space for Meetings/Depositions