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Chemical Control

The following information is provided only as a general guide to weed control. Size of infestations and site conditions will determine what method would best suit your needs. For individualized plans, please consult the Noxious Weed Control Board or WSU Cooperative Extension Agent in your area.

Chemical Control Choices

View Commercial Applicators (PDF) and find information on commercial applicators for noxious weed spraying/cutting.

View Recommendations for Noxious Weed Control (4 page PDF). Find information on what herbicides are effective throughout the growing season on many of the most commonly found noxious weeds in Spokane County. Weed Names are listed in alphabetical order and includes conversions for backpack spraying.
Herbicides for Noxious Weed Control (PDF) provides information on Herbicides and Surfactants.

Always read and follow all label instructions on the products you select and use!
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