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Eligibility Criteria & Types of Services Available

All Veterans are welcome anytime during our business hours, which are 8 A.M.- 4 P.M. Monday through Friday.
 Spokane County Regional Veterans Services Center (Pamphlet) link:

Eligibility Criteria

Before we can assist veterans, state law requires us to obtain certain "qualifying" documentation. All veterans who receive services from our office must provide proof of the following-(All documents must be current within the last 30 days and verified.)

  • Proof of Honorable Discharge (DD-214) -Copy 2 or 4, or a hospital inquiry (HINQ) from the Spokane VA Medical Center from the Armed Forces of the United States and have completed service obligations. Also bring marriage license and minor children's birth certificates if applicable. Honorable military service is defined by RCW 41.047.
  • Proof of Residency in the State of Washington for at least 12 months and must be currently residing in Spokane County.
  • Proof of Income at the time of application (Bank Statement with last 30 days transactions, tax return, pay stubs, DSHS, VA and Social Security award letters etc.). 
  • Complete an application for assistance.

Types of Emergency Services Provided

Our emergency assistance is geared towards sustainable positive outcomes for eligible veterans.  The financial assistance is provided in the form of a voucher to a specific vendor (for example: grocery store, landlord, etc.) 

Our service officers are knowledgeable, skilled and have relationships with area partners who together with our services will often be successful in forming comprehensive and lasting solutions for our clients.

  • Food and Hygiene
  • Rent
  • Burial assistance
  • Employment Assistance/Barriers to Employment
  • Transportation
  • Utilities(if facing shut-off) 
  • Training Assistance

 Please note that financial assistance is not a cyclical and enduring entitlement, but an emergency crisis intervention toward a sustainable positive outcome.

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