Guardianship / Conservatorship

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The Spokane County Superior Court appoints guardians/conservators for people who lack the capacity to make or communicate decisions because of mental or physical disability. While the goal of guardianship/conservatorship is to protect, people can lose many important rights, including the right to vote, the right to drive, the right to decide where they will live, and the right to decide how their money will be used. Spokane County's Superior Court Judges are committed to keeping Spokane County's vulnerable individuals safe from abuse and exploitation.

Due to training, GMP Staff will not be available 10/27/23.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Weekly Docket 1Zoom Instructions

In order to appear on the weekly docket, parties will need to call in 2 days prior to the hearing (by 12 noon).  
The call-in ready phone number is 509-477-3886. 

Parties may contact the Guardianship Monitoring Program for a new hearing date.  Please email for the quickest response time.  


What happens to the prior laws?


  • The laws that applied to adult guardianships prior to 2022, RCW 11.88 and RCW 11.92, was repealed (no longer in effect) on January 1, 2022
  • Are all existing guardianships under the new law? Yes. The new law applies to all guardianships starting on January 1, 2022, no matter when the current guardianship case was originally entered. 

Terminology Changes

Old Law
New Law -Effective 1/1/2022
Guardian of the Person à                           Guardian
Guardian of the Estate à                             Conservator
Letters of Guardianship  à                   Letters of Office
Guardian Ad Litem   à                 Court Visitor
Periodic Personal Care Plan (PPCP) à       Guardian/Conservator Report & Motion/Declaration*
Order Approving PPCP à                              Order Approving Guardian/Conservator Report
Guardian’s Report, Accounting, and Proposed Budget (R&A) àGuardian/Conservator Report & Motion/Declaration*
Order Approving R&A à                             Order Approving Guardian/Conservator Report
*NEW FORMS : Motion to approve Guardian/Conservator’s Report AND  Proof of Service must be SUBMITTED for ALL CASES.


 What does this mean for You?

  • The new adult guardianship/conservatorship and other protective arrangements law began on January 1, 2022.  
  • The 2022 annual reports will be on new forms.  These new forms are mandatory, including formatting, and must be printed single-sided, in blue or black ink or typed. PLEASE STAPLE. DO NOT USE paper or binder clips. 
  • Co-Guardians MUST SIGN all FORMS. 
  • 2022 Guardianship Policies remain with a few changes, including NEW GMP OFFICE HOURS. 
  • Motion to approve Guardian/Conservator's Report is you asking the Court to approve this years report. 
  • Proof of Service gives the person under guardianship/conservatorship and any interested parties notice of your annual report.