Still Exhibit Superintendents

  1. Patricia Bentley

    Dahlias Superintendent
    Phone: 509.926.4356
    Superintendent since 2012.

  2. Susan Hegney

    Susan Hegney

    Grange Displays Superintendent
    Phone: 509.995.7001

    Superintendent Statement

    Please be sure you contact me prior to sending in an Interstate Fair entry form; that way I can be sure that you have a booth space reserved.  Superintendent since 2022.

  3. Harold Kellams

    Harold Kellams

    Antique Machinery Superintendent
    Phone: 509.536.5381

    Superintendent Statement

    The Inland Empire Steam and Gas Buffs host this opportunity to step back in time, and see how things were powered over 30 years ago. We have demonstrations daily including grain grinding, butter making, bread and roll making, and the ever-popular antique tractor parade.  Superintendent since 2022.

  4. Jennifer Fees

    Jennifer Fees

    4-H Still Life Superintendent
    Phone: 509.477.2199

    Superintendent since 2021.

  5. Deke Cloyd

    Photography Superintendent
    Phone: 509.744.0971
    Superintendent Statement
    We look forward to seeing you at the Photography Exhibit!  Superintendent since 2015.

  6. Dennis Isip

    Photography Assistant Superintendent
    Phone: 509.769.9191
    Superintendent Statement
    We look forward to seeing you at the Photography Exhibit!  Superintendent since 2015.

  7. Rick Perleberg

    FFA Judging Superintendent
    Phone: 509.796.3113
    Superintendent Statement
    I look forward to seeing each of you on FFA Monday, when we will have the opportunity to compete for the title of Best Individual Tractor Driver and Top Team.  Additional contests include livestock judging!  Superintendent since 2003. 

  8. Bonnie Sewell

    Agriculture Superintendent
    Phone: 509.928.7892
    Superintendents Statement
    Stepping into the Agriculture Building is just like stepping into a magical land. From sunflowers that almost touch the ceiling to little honey bees, we have it all! This year we will continue to feature some our crowd-pleasing competitions including Wheelbarrow Gardens, Scarecrow Contest, and a Creature Feature Build Off Contest. See you at the Fair!  Superintendent since 1997.

  9. Melode Hall

    Melode Hall

    Home Arts Superintendent
    Phone: 509.328.3942

    Superintendent Statement

    Please enter your beautiful hand work in our departments. We need your items to make a great display! See you at the Fair.  Superintendent since 2022.