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Coordinated Water System Plan

The Spokane County Coordinated Water System Plan (CWSP) was created for water utilities to coordinate their planning and construction programs with adjacent water utilities and other local jurisdiction programs such as comprehensive planning done under the Growth Management Act. The CWSP was developed according to RCW 70.116, Public Water System Coordination Act, enacted in 1977 and modified in 1991.

This map provides the current boundaries. It should not be assumed that all properties within a CWSP boundary can be served at the present time. Please check with the appropriate purveyor to determine if a particular parcel can be served.

Full CWSP Application

The Spokane County Coordinated Water System Plan establishes boundaries for the current and future service areas of water purveyors.  The most recent plan was completed in 1999, but boundary adjustments are made under the process provided in the plan.

CWSP Administration

The CWSP was developed by the Spokane County Water Utility Coordinating Committee (WUCC), which is comprised of representatives from Group A Public Water Systems. The CWSP is administered by Spokane County Utilities in conjunction with the WUCC Executive Committee.
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